3 Day Cruise To Bahamas – Fierce Cruise Lines Competition!

3 Day Cruise To Bahamas

When searching for the best of the Bahamas cruises, there are many to choose from. There is an immense competition between the cruise lines to get your business. If you are planning a Bahamas cruise from Ft. Lauderdale or any other Florida city, it is easy to find a 3 day cruise to Bahamas. Florida is not that far from the Bahamas, therefore this is the perfect 3 day cruise to Bahamas that will fit just about anyone’s budget and schedule.

Many of the best cruise lines offer cruises from Miami to Bahamas which can last from one to four days, depending on if you will be staying in a port for a day or two. Some of the major cruise lines that offer a 3 day cruise to Bahamas are Carnival, Norwegian and Disney. If you choose a Disney cruise, you will end up paying a little more money than the others, but this is a great choice if you have children. A Disney Bahamas cruise will be geared more towards families and children and will ensure that the entire family has a wonderful vacation.

Cruise lines such as Carnival and Norwegian are much more inexpensive and offer many amenities as well. Carnival usually starts at about $179 per person while Norwegian starts at about $149 per person. Both of these cruise lines try to make sure that your 3 day cruise to Bahamas is enjoyable and memorable for you and your entire family.

In order to be competitive many times these cruise lines offer bonuses such as upgrades, discounted shore excursions and onboard credit. Whether you plan any of the many port Canaveral cruises or cruises from any other part of Florida, you are sure to have a great vacation, even if it is only for three days.