3 Day Cruise To Mexico – 10 Tips From Senior Cruisers!

3 Day Cruise To Mexico

When planning one of the many Mexican cruises that are available, there are many things to consider. Many seniors end up spending much of their retirement enjoying different cruises. One of the most popular is the 3 day cruise to Mexico. Many cruise lines offer these because they are convenient and there are many last minute cruises from Tampa, FL. Because many seniors are experienced cruisers, we have compiled a list of 10 tips from senior cruises that are useful for any 3 day cruise to Mexico.

1. Travel Light – For any cruise or airline, you will have to check suitcases. If you pack just a carryon and a shoulder bag, you won’t have to check anything. This will save you time at check in as well as avoiding the possibility of lost luggage.

2. Medication – If you do check a suitcase, be sure to put any medication you may be on in your carryon or pocketbook. This will help to prevent a possible illness if medication is lost with the luggage.

3. Don’t overeat while on your trip – Food is usually accessible 24 hours. Try to watch what you eat as it may make you sick. Often overeating is mistaken for seasickness.

4. Don’t purchase foods from open stands – When you are in port and exploring, refrain from purchasing food from any of the open stands during your cruise to Cozumel as many times these will make you sick if you are unaccustomed to the food.

5. Contact the cruise line when booking – While it is tempting to book your cruise online, many times if you contact the cruise line directly by phone, you may be eligible for many discounts and bargains that will be useful during your 3 day cruise to Mexico.

6. Activities – Unless you are traveling with children or grandchildren, make sure that the cruise offers activities that may interest you. Many times there are cruises geared towards adults.

7. Get a map or diagram of the ship – Once you have booked your cruise, ask them to send you a diagram of the ship with your room location highlighted. Most of these cruise ships are very large and this will help you to become familiarized with the layout of the ship.

8. Think twice about shore excursions – When booking one of these cruises to Mexico from Florida, it’s tempting to also book the shore excursions with the cruise line. Many times there is an extra fee for this on top of the actual excursion. You may be better off splitting a taxi with other cruisers. This will also make your excursion more relaxed.

9. Be aware of any discounts – When booking your cruise, don’t forget to ask about discounts for seniors, military or first time cruisers. This is a great way to make the cheap cruises from Tampa FL or any other port even less expensive.

10. Return to cruise ship on time – It is very important not to be late returning to the ship. It’s a good idea to plan to return to the ship a couple hours before scheduled. This will help to avoid being late due to traffic or any unforeseen circumstances.

If you keep these basic tips in mind during your 3 day cruise to Mexico, you will have a fun and memorable trip that you will look forward to repeating very soon.