5 Best Costa Maya Cruise Excursions for Adventure Seekers

Costa Maya Cruise Excursions

Costa Maya is an exclusively tourist based destination in Mexico that resides in the state of Quintana Roo near Chetumal, the state’s capital. It’s very close to Belize and was developed entirely to serve as a cruise ship port to provide a jump point for eager tourists to explore the exotic landscape and historical features of the region. Given its touristy purpose, Costa Maya cruise excursions are numerous, and there is something for everyone from low key relaxation seekers, families traveling with small children and adrenaline junkies, too.
The port itself however doesn’t feature much in the way of Costa Maya excursions. Three primary pavilions are dedicated to shopping, clubs, dining and pools. However, it is here that many thrilling adventure tours can begin, and they all whisk excited guests away off into the surrounding wild landscape. Costa Maya cruise excursions benefit from the area’s often uncrowded beaches and pristine jungle regions to provide unforgettable experiences to even the most discerning adventure seekers. We’ve compiled a list of the best five picks for exciting adventure tours in Costa Maya, each sure to get your blood pumping!

1. Power Snorkeling: Snorkeling is known as the less challenging little brother to Scuba in terms of underwater adventure, however power snorkeling changes all that dramatically. Using a Sea Doo Scooter, guests are treated to a high speed experience while immersed in the incredible ocean environment around them. Aqua Scooters allow for effortless gliding and a much faster pace than swimming, allowing visitors to see much more of the corals, sea life and gently swaying plants that dot the depths of the Caribbean surrounding Costa Maya. Additionally, at around five hours, power snorkeling is of ideal length amongst Costa Maya cruise excursions, providing guests enough time to enjoy their time ashore and make it back to port with more than enough time to spare.

2. Scuba Diving: Given the deep turquoise color of the sea surrounding it and the abundance of exotic creatures living in it, it’s not a wonder that the ocean is the centerpiece of many Costa Maya tours. Scuba diving, an adventure seekers delight, is incredibly popular along the eastern coast of Mexico thanks to the areas life diversity and natural beauty. The air conditioned bus rides to and from the destinations are the only frilly part of scuba based Costa Maya cruise excursions, and the transport gives way to over an hour of deep underwater adventure, followed by some wind down fun and relaxation (perhaps paired with an adult libation) at the gorgeous beach nearby.

3. Dune Buggy Jungle Safari: Four passenger dune buggies roughly and tumultuously convey visitors from the piers that their Mexico cruises are docked at to multiple destinations in the area including a quaint fisherman’s village and secluded and relaxing beach. Manual transmissions and open air features make driving or riding in dune buggies a fun and exciting experience. While these types of transportation based eco tours are very common in solid ground activities all along the Mexican Coast and as a part of numerous Western Caribbean cruises, visitors to Costa Maya typically attest that their Dune Buggy adventures offer a unique experience that is unrivaled in this part of the world.

4. ATV Adventures: Bumpy coastal roads and natural trails make ATV adventures very popular Costa Maya cruise excursions. Exclusive and private settings combined with a thrilling mode of exploration equal unparalleled fun up and down the coastal beauty of Costa Maya. Five hour ATV based Costa Maya cruise excursions start with a jaunt to the beach club followed by a safety briefing and gear up period. Then, guides take passengers along beach bordered roads for a rugged yet enchanting look at the tourist town. An open bar beachside provides a wind down opportunity before heading back to the pier and away from paradise.

5. Stand Up Paddling (SUP): There is no doubt that Mayan Ruins are some of the most spectacular experiences to be had on Western Caribbean cruises, however for those seeking more adrenaline fueled Costa Maya Cruise excursions, they don’t get much better than stand up paddling. The activity entails just what it sounds like, the literal rowing of a surf board like device from a standing position all around a beautiful teal lagoon. While relaxing views are easy to get lost in, a fair amount of energy and endurance is necessary to keep trucking along on your wall-less canoe, and thankfully, SUP Costa Maya Cruise excursions come with some beforehand training to make it as safe and easy as possible.