7 Best Things To Do in Honolulu For Cruise and Stay Vacation

Things To Do In Honolulu

While Honolulu has many attractions for cruise ship visitors to enjoy, some are just too long to experience within the time constraints you may have. For those cruising to Oahu and staying for a few days however, the possibilities are endless. These are the 7 best things to do in Honolulu when you have more time to enjoy Oahu.

1. Travel out to the Dole Plantation where it is all things pineapple. Check out the world’s largest maze in the shape of, you guessed it, a pineapple that has 2.5 miles of paths and over 14,000 plants. Then explore the rest of the plantation where you will learn everything there is to know about this tropical fruit.

2. The Grand Circle Island Tour takes you all around Oahu, on this whole day adventure that takes you on a 120 mile journey where you see all the points of interest on the island, all from an air conditioned van with a knowledgeable guide.

3. Hawaii cruise vacations give you the opportunity to see lots of Oahu, like the Hawaii Plantation Village. Go back in time to this living history museum located in Waipahu in central Oahu and learn about the plantations and what life was like for the people who worked them. The village has furnished homes, structures and architecture from long ago, making this a unique day trip.

4. One of the most scenic things to do in Honolulu is the Makapuu Lighthouse hike. Start on Makapuu point trail; take in the breathtaking sights and the Ka Iwi State scenic shoreline, as well as the 100+ year old lighthouse, Koko Head and Koko Crater.

5. No trip to Honolulu would be complete without a trip to Pearl Harbour. On the Pearl Harbour and Honolulu City Tour you can see all the points of interest and major landmarks and also see the site where WWII started for the Americans, with the bombing of the USS Arizona.

6. The USS Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park is one of the more historical things to do in Honolulu as the Bowfin is a unique submarine that actually participated in real combat operations. Learn the history and check out the museum for artifacts and photos on the self- guided audio tour.

7. Some cruise ships to HawaiiHawaii cruise deals only sweeten the Hawaii adventure, so what are you waiting for, the islands await!