Alaska Cruise Packing List – 10 Essential Things To Include!

Alaska Cruise Packing List

Alaska cruise packing list is essential to have on hand so you do not forget your essentials. When planning one of the amazing Alaska cruises that are available, it can be difficult to decide what essentials you will need to bring with you. Keep in mind that you will want to participate in one of the shore excursions so you need to bring everything that you may need for the excursion so you will be warm and comfortable. Everyone has their opinion about the best time to cruise to Alaska. Whichever that may be, the first thing you will want to do is make yourself an Alaska cruise packing list. Here we have compiled a list of the top ten essential things to include in your Alaska cruise packing list.

1. Waterproof Jacket – Even if you are visiting Alaska during summer, it can get cool and rainy, so be prepared.

2. Wool or fleece sweater – This should fit under your jacket for the colder days or at night.

3. Hiking boots – Most of the excursions will include a lot of walking over rough terrain and hiking boots will protect your feet and ankles. It’s best if they’re waterproof.

4. Warm socks – You will want to be sure to keep your feet warm inside your boots.

5. Rain hat – If it is damp and rainy, you need to protect your head so as not to get sick.

6. Gloves – These will protect you from the cold as well as injury if you trip while hiking.

7. Great Camera – Be sure to include extra batteries and an extra memory card. You will want to catch the amazing wildlife.

8. Sunglasses – The sun can be brutal, even in Alaska, so you will need to protect your eyes.

9. Backpack – This should be sturdy but light to hold your supplies and some bottled water.

10. Sunscreen – This is one of the most important things to include on your Alaska cruise packing list. Just because it’s cooler, you are still susceptible to sunburn, which just might ruin your cruise. This is one of the most important of all of the Alaska cruise tips.

Whether you are enjoying one of the Alaska cruises from Seattle or some other port, it is important to make yourself an Alaska cruise packing list so as not to forget anything. It’s also a good idea to make a separate Alaska cruise packing list of things that you may be able to purchase during your cruise to Alaska. Many times you may find that Alaska cruises small ships may even have a small duty-free shop where you can purchase some of these supplies.