Australian Ports Visited By Large Cruise Ships

Australian Ports

Australian ports are spread around the land, allowing you great choice in where to embark and disembark on your journey. Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairn and Sydney all have glorious ports big enough for the largest of cruise ships to enter and exit. For cruisers wanting to explore the west, Perth is your gateway, or choose the east side and Brisbane, the south via Melbourne, Sydney for the Southeast and Cairns for the Northeast.

Cruises to Australia and New Zealand generally leave from Sydney or Melbourne because of the proximity to New Zealand, but you can usually find cruises that go from and go to wherever you want, with a little bit of digging. Enjoying the beauty of the port cities is just another thing to add to your vacation when you cruise from Australian ports.

Cruises from Sydney offer you the beauty of Sydney Harbour, including the glorious Sydney Harbour Bridge, the amazing architectural design of the world famous Opera House and many gardens, ships, buildings and markets to explore. Spend the day or a weekend cruising the harbour on the many tours offered or walk along the Bridge; there is always a lot to see and do in the bustling port of Sydney.

When in Melbourne, you can take in the sights of the Great Ocean Road, the Twelve Apostles, the Grampians, Philip Island and its famous ‘fairy penguins’ and many other sights while you await perhaps your Tasmania cruise, since Tasmania lies just over 200 km from the mainland across the Bass Strait. Tasmania is home to indigenous creatures, wildlife and terrain that needs to be experienced to be believed The natural and unspoiled land is a perfect microcosm of the area we call the South Pacific.

Australian ports like Brisbane and Perth offer visitors tours of the harbours and sightseeing jaunts to capture all that their cities have to offer. What cruise vacation to Australia would be complete without side trips to see the wildlife, the varied terrain and the attractions that make this country so special? Australia offers plenty for everyone to see and do, cruising, whether to, from or in and around this great country will allow you the freedom to have your vacation your way, whichever Australian port you go to and whichever liner you choose, from the mega ships to the small cruiser, Australia will never disappoint.