Baltic Sea Cruises – When To Go?

Baltic Sea Cruises

The Baltic Sea is located in Northern Europe and is surrounded by the countries of Poland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden to just name a few. About 45% of the surface of the Baltic Sea is ice covered during the winter months, making it difficult for ships to pass through which is why it is important to know when is the best time to take a one of the Baltic Sea cruises on this body of water.

Because these Baltic Sea cruises take you so far in the north, they are only available from about late May through the middle of September. While enjoying the many unique and fun Baltic Sea cruises, it is important to remember that it does not get as hot in the summer as many of us are used too. While it does get warm, you won’t find a lot of smoldering heat days and one should pack accordingly.

When trying to decide which of the Baltic cruises is the perfect one for you, you will find that there are many magnificent ports to visit that there is sure to be something fun for everyone. Some of these cruises may include cruises to St. Petersburg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia and Copenhagen, Denmark to name just a few. No matter what time of year, visitors will be able to enjoy the culture and nightlife as well as learning about the oftentimes sad and tragic history of these amazing and beautiful countries.

Some of the most popular northern European cruises are the Scandinavia cruises where travelers will have a chance to visit the beautiful ports such as Stockholm, Tallinn as well as cruises from Helsinki. If you are traveling during the milder months of summer you will have a chance to stroll through the quaint villages and towns during your stay in port.

The important thing to remember during your Baltic Sea cruises is that while these are beautiful any time of the year, this far north the weather can turn quite cold. This is why the best time to visit is from bout late May through September. This is sure to be mild and somewhat warmer weather which is sure to make any of these Baltic Sea cruises is much more enjoyable.