Bermuda Triangle Cruise – Unique Night Cruise To Mystery!

Bermuda Triangle Cruise

We have all heard the stories and the theories that are attached to the ‘mysterious’ expanse of ocean that forms the Bermuda Triangle. Taking a Bermuda Triangle cruise may only add to the mystery of the region, but it is a nifty way to see the ‘night life’ in a whole new way.

The Bermuda Triangle myths are unrelenting. Is it paranormal activity? Is it alien life? Is it a time warp? Or do ships and planes simply go missing in this region by pure coincidence? Whatever you believe, a Bermuda Triangle cruise is sure to keep you guessing, keep you amused and entertained and be a highlight of your Bermuda cruise vacation.

One such tour is operated by Fantasea sightseeing out of Hamilton, Bermuda. It is a two hour tour into the Bermuda Triangle taken at night. You are given a ‘spooky’ cocktail as you depart and are taken out into the dark, until you stop and the lights are turned on, leaving you with a rare view of the ocean life beneath you via the glass bottom of the boat. The tour guides are knowledgeable and will explain all of the various corals, fish and other sea life that you will be seeing, perhaps for the first time. This Bermuda Triangle cruise has something for everyone; the mystery of the dark ocean, the amazing marine life to behold and the fun that goes with experiencing the unknown in such an interesting place.

Cruises to Bermuda go from many Eastern U.S. ports and are between four and eight nights in duration. You disembark at the historical Kings Wharf, Bermuda to explore the sights that make Bermuda such an amazing destination. Pink sand beaches, beautiful pastel coloured buildings, historical locations, museums, the aquarium and the most golf courses ever seen on one island, all combine to make Bermuda a lovely place to visit. Taking a Bermuda Triangle cruise will allow some of the ‘unknown’ to seep into your trip, making for a thrilling memory that will surely last a lifetime.

The mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle has been with us since the sailings of Columbus and will continue to intrigue us as we try to explain the unexplainable. Having fun while exploring one tiny piece of this mystical piece of the ocean is sure to be a highlight of your trip to the colourful island of Bermuda.