5 Best Banana Coast Honduras Tours for Adventure Seekers

Banana Coast Honduras Tours

The cruise port located on the Banana Coast in the country of Honduras is new, and has only very recently started catering to tourists aboard Western Caribbean cruises. The allure to this area is one of both history and culture as famed explorer Christopher Columbus touched down near Trujillo some centuries ago. In addition as its name would suggest, the area is home to a thriving local culture that relies for the large part on the export of bananas, a fruit which the country lead in terms of exportation for the bulk of the 20th century. Today Trujillo boasts many amenities for passengers aboard cruises to Honduras, however it is still-in-development status means that guests are still required to book Banana Coast Honduras excursions through their cruise lines as there are no private tours available. This can make finding things to in Banana Coast for adventure seekers slightly more challenging (not to mention, more expensive). However, there are numerous activities available for thrill seekers traveling to this area, and we have put together a list of the best five.

1. Guaimoreto Zip Line: For an unparalleled view of a local lagoon as well as an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the realm of birds and animals that call Honduras home, the Guaimoreto zip line is an activity not to be missed. This is a longer course than most zip lining encounters offered to guests aboard western Caribbean cruises, featuring eighteen different towers and sixteen lengths of cable. Visitors brave enough to harness in for a zip line adventure can also be treated to incredible views of the area’s abundance of mangroves and the interesting canals found stories below their feet. This high adrenaline adventure is sure to please any thrill junkie, but bear in mind that the course’s length does make for an all day voyage from port, so little time will be left for sightseeing and shopping around the Banana Coast Honduras.

2. ATV Adventure: Anyone seeking exciting adventure tours through unspoiled jungles should definitely not miss the Jungle ATV Extreme tour which takes explorers at high speeds along rough and tumble terrain. Guests are taken through what has been dubbed the “cloud forests” for an awe inspiring look at the flora and fauna that make the landscape here one not to be missed. It is not all fast paced action and high stakes adventure, however, because like many tours around Banana Coast Honduras, the ATV extreme tour allows for some wind down time following the jungle jaunt. The tour is concluded with an opportunity to take in the beach and go for a swim followed by an enjoyable barbecue before heading back to the pier.

3. Snorkeling: Snorkeling along the Banana Coast Honduras is a hands on adventure unlike many underwater adventures offered to guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises. And, as a result, the unique activities here make snorkeling one of the most popular things to do in Banana Coast for first timers and repeat visitors alike. The snorkeling tour starts with standard offerings of checking out coral and some vividly colored fish, but ends with one of the most incredible activities that the Banana Coast Honduras has to offer, a chance to get up close and personal with an abundance of starfish at an area known as “starfish bank.” They may be slow moving, but they are more than alive and ready to provide a one in a lifetime encounter for adventurous guests.

4. Waterfall Hike and Swimming: If you want to see a waterfall, the Caribbean is the place to go; but, if you want to make getting to it part of the adventure, then tours offered in Banana Coast Honduras are the best bet. Hiking over hills of quartz and wading in and out of gentle streams may be more fun for some than the waterfalls themselves. However, the secluded lagoon and waterfall found at Betulia are ideal for any adventure seeker. Here, visitors can strap on some snorkel gear and delight in wrangling in some freshwater shrimp and climb up and down the natural rock features that line the lagoon’s edge.

5. Lagoon Kayaking: Kayaking is a popular activity for guests and locals alike around the Banana Coast Honduras due to the fact that both the mangroves and the lagoons make the environment ideal for this type of activity. The Guaimoreto Lagoon is particularly appealing for visitors to the Banana Coast Honduras because these wetlands serve as home to an incredible diversity of both flora and wildlife, too. Tours aboard kayaks here are lengthily and leave little time for much else in the Trujillo area, but for adventure seekers and those that have already had their historical tours and shopped until they have dropped, it is an excellent way to explore the natural beauty of the area.