5 Best Banana Coast Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Banana Coast Shore Excursions

Trujillo, the town at the center of the Banana Coast, is a very new destination for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises. The industry has spent a fortune preparing the area for curious travelers so that they may see and explore the amazing diversity of environments, culture and living creatures here. As a result of the un-established nature of the Trujillo port, all guests wishing to set their feet on dry land will need to book Banana Coast shore excursions through the cruise line as private tours are not yet available on a large scale (although this is likely to change over time). And, whether you are part of a pack of people traveling aboard family cruises or a thrill seeker on the hunt for adventure, there are numerous things to do in Banana Coast that experienced tour guides are happy to help you encounter.

Traveling with children does however present some challenges with regards booking tours and trips, and this is no exception for those booked on cruises to Honduras. However, there are a great many Banana Coast shore excursions available for families traveling with children that will let them too experience the amazing eco systems and rich history found here. We put together a list of the best five for you to consider to help you get the most out of your trip.

1. Trolley Rides through Trujillo: Why not let the little ones learn more about Trujillo, a place where famed Christopher Columbus himself landed some five hundred years ago. Open air trolley rides are available and are ideal for those with kids in tow as they offer a cool and convenient way to keep everyone in your party comfortable while learning more about the brightly colored buildings, forts and architecture of the area. The tour, like many Banana Coast shore excursions, this one does offer some stops in order to take advantage of some local shopping and of course, eating. The adventurous learner will appreciate the trolley’s off again feature where guests can hop aboard and climb off on a whim if something in particular piques their interests.

2. Nature Park: Twenty two acres of lush landscapes and local wildlife can be found at the Campo Del Mar nature park, a sure crowd pleaser for a wide array of audiences. In addition to some friendly and furry friends, vast arrays of indigenous plant species are also found here in the gardens and tropical fruits are present en masse in the well maintained orchards. Visitors can choose between two different Banana Coast shore excursions here, with one lasting about three hours (referred to as a half day) and one lasting a longer five hours (referred to as a full day). Following the walking eco tours, there are beaching and eating options available as well including a buffet.

3. Copan Ruins: If your little ones are not afraid of trading a boat ride for an airplane ride, then it may be worthwhile to make them feel like the most important travelers on your itinerary by booking a VIP tour of Copan. The ruins are simply stunning when viewed aerially and provide a bird’s eye perspective of a civilization lost. This particular selection is the most expensive of all Banana Coast shore excursions but is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and perfect for those tired of seeing Mayan Ruins from terra firma.

4. Beach Break: Kids are notoriously on the hunt for the best beach vacations and sometimes a day in the sun, sand and surf is all that you may be looking for. Just a half hour from the port rests a private beach that has something to offer every traveler. Warm and clear waters here caress a delicate shoreline, and activities like volleyball and a water trampoline provide an often welcome break to the serenity. In order to visit the Campo del Mar beach however, Banana Coast shore excursions must be booked, and they provide not only transport to and from the tropical paradise but also an island style buffet too.

5. Best of Trujillo: For an all encompassing look at what the area has to offer, probably the best of all Banana Coast shore excursions is The Best of Trujillo, which combines town history learning with jungle tours and even a trolley ride. Guests get to experience the sights and sounds of the historical town and learn a bit about both Christopher Columbus and the rest of the area’s history, all while aboard an open air trolley. From there, it only takes a few steps into the jungle to check out the nearby waterfall and lagoon and then switch gears to visit the hot springs. Of all of the Banana Coast shore excursions, few offer such a variety of activity as well as education and fun, making this a perfect pick for those with a little one or two in tow.