5 Best Belize Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Belize Shore Excursions

Belize is quickly becoming one of the most popular stops on Western Caribbean cruises porting here because the area has so much to offer travelers visiting the area. There are many things to do in Belize that take advantage of the area’s incredible ecological and biological diversity and there is truly something here for every vacationer. From the dense forests that cover a majority of the country’s nine thousand square miles, to the interesting caves and falls dotting the landscape, to the clear sea waters teeming with life, every interest can be touched upon in Belize. However, for those aboard family cruises or traveling with small children, scuba diving and jungle zip lining are likely out of the question. Luckily, there are numerous Belize shore excursions that are ideal for families that are looking to get a taste of what Belize has to offer without all the adrenaline and adventure and perhaps a bit of education too! We put together a list of the best five Belize shore excursions to consider when porting here, and from wildlife to historical life, there are a lot of options available.

1. Tropical Rainforest Bird Tours: Few places in the world are home to as many species of flying friends as the Caribbean is, and there are numerous ways to encounter nearly half a thousand different species when ported in Belize. One tour in particular is sure to delight guests both young and old, starting with a gentle boat ride complete with experienced and knowledgeable guides that traverse through the Little Guana Bird Sanctuary. On these Belize Shore excursions, both big and little guests can delight in encountering bright billed toucans and graceful egrets along with hundreds of other amazing avians.

2. Baboon Sanctuary: One of the highlights for many guests on jungle tours or boat rides through this part of the world is hearing the sounds of the howler monkeys that live along the edges of rivers and high in the trees nearby. For a bit more personal experienced, guests can book Belize Shore Excursions that stop at the Baboon Sanctuary (“Baboon” is only the local wrongly used term for the howler monkeys, there are no actual baboons at the preserve) where the climbing critters live in large groups. Although they are relatively inactive much of the time, they can be quite acrobatic and of course vocal. Their roaring is so loud that it can be experienced from miles away. Trips to the sanctuary provide a safe and less intense way for children to experience the howler monkeys without booking all day Belize shore excursions to the jungle.

3. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary: For many, some of the most memorable highlights from their Western Caribbean cruises are opportunities to explore and experience unspoiled landscapes and have small adventures in a tropical paradise. Sanctuaries, like the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, (conveniently located across the street from the Baboon Sanctuary) are ideal for families traveling with children because they provide a park like environment that is brimming with local flora and fauna. Belize Shore Excursions to Crooked Tree offer guests the sights and sounds of the jungle without the full experience and elevated risk of adventure tours.

4. River and Ruin Tour: For a tour that allows for some exploration without donning a zip line, a combination river and ruin tour is an excellent choice for families. Guests are taken up the Wallace River where water dwelling wildlife like crocodiles and manatees come up to the water’s surface to the awe and amazement of the boat passengers. From there, visitors are whisked away to what is regarded as one of the most historic and important Mayan Ruins sites in the country, those found at Altun Ha. Guests spend some time here exploring the ruined buildings and walls while admiring the intricate carvings and sculptures that are characteristic of a civilization lost. There are many Belize shore excursions to Altun Ha that are available to guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises porting here, however this river ruin combination is particularly ideal for families because it provides a look at several important components of the area’s heritage and is broken up enough in activities to keep children interested.

5. Belize Zoo: Although the Caribbean is home to some of the best beach vacations in the world, mainland destinations are better known for lush jungles, stunning natural water features and of course, exotic wildlife. Zoos are particularly appealing to children, and Belize shore excursions to the local zoo are an ideal way to let little ones experience up close and personal all of the wildlife that is found in the area. One hundred and twenty five different local species are housed here from big cats to swinging monkeys, and all the guests in your traveling party are likely to appreciate an expedition that guarantees a wildlife encounter or two.