5 Best Colon Panama Cruise Excursions for Adventure Seekers

Colon Panama Cruise Excursions

Undoubtedly one of the biggest allures to the Colon area for those aboard Western Caribbean cruises porting here is the Panama Canal, which draws in both engineering buffs and history buffs alike. However, at the turn of the century, major investments were made to the Colon area in order to attract new tourists and remove the negative, crime laden stigma from the region. Successes have been achieved to some extent in these regards, and guests to Colon are greeted with both new and exciting things to do in Colon Panama as well as a safer and more tourist friendly atmosphere. For the adventure seeker stopping here, there is much more to take in here than just the magnificence and marvel of the Miraflores Locks and some world class Caribbean cuisine. As a result, whether booked through the line or on your own, there are numerous Colon Panama cruise excursions available that take advantage of the area’s lush rainforest environment as well as the history and heritage of the region. We have put together a list of the top five for adrenaline junkies to consider when for when they have had enough of the port and the canal.

1. Gatun Lake Kayak and Eco Adventure: This particular adventure may be one of the most all encompassing adventure tours available in the area. Guests board kayaks amongst the small islands of Gatun Lake and traverse around the area, checking out nearly one hundred different mammals, hundreds of kinds of birds and well over one thousand different species of plants. It is a high energy adventure that can be physically demanding as the guests themselves are responsible for their own journeys, but well worth it for anyone wanting to get an insider’s view of the lush and luxurious landscape. This tour is bookable through Colon Panama cruise excursions through the cruise lines, and typically takes passengers via bus following the adventure to see the great locks at the canal.

2. Isla Grande: Cruises to Panama tend to emphasize the locks at the canal which is no doubt one of the most awe inspiring and impressive engineering feats in all of the world. However, some impressive beaches can also be found in the area as well, including a few in particular that will make adventure seekers on the hunt for water sports squeal with delight. A taxi cab ride away from the port can be found Isla Grande, where adventurous water enthusiasts can grab a jet ski or board a pair of water skis before parasailing off into the sunset. It may be challenging to book Colon Panama cruise excursions here, so past guests advise buddying up with other passengers to split fares on cabs to get here to both mitigate risks and costs.

3. Embrera Village Visits: Not all Western Caribbean cruises put guests close enough to interact with the indigenous peoples of the area. Colon shares a unique distinction with few other destinations in that visitors have an opportunity to not only see, but experience village life in the region in numerous ways. Colon Panama cruise excursions visiting the local Indian Embrera Villages are exciting and thought provoking, and guests can hop aboard canoes with the locals and learn a few secret dance moves as well. Handicrafts made by the locals can be purchased and the tours are both tranquil opportunities for relaxation as well as exciting journeys into the cultural and historical peoples who live here.

4. Canopy Zip Lining: One of the most readily available activities for adventure seekers aboard Western Caribbean cruises is zip lining, and although the activity rarely varies in terms of locomotion from one port to the next, as travelers make their way across the pale blue waters of the sea, the scenery below adventurous zip liners certainly changes bit by bit. Zip Lining Colon Panama cruise excursions take guests along an over two hundred foot long course and nine cables to experience the biodiversity of the area from above. The largest and oldest tree on the course is a staggering hundred feet high, affording guests a view not achievable from other Colon Panama cruise excursions.

5. Horseback Riding: Jungle tours along horseback provide a unique and exhilarating experience for guests as they traverse through the exotic landscape through shallow creek beds and across rolling hills. There are multiple Colon Panama cruise excursions aboard horseback to choose from, and guests can select either a short jaunt through the jungle of about two hours or an all day adventure lasting seven that fully explores the lush environment around you. Around each corner can be found native wildlife, twisting vines and large leafed foliage, making every moment of these Colon Panama cruise excursions truly an adventure.