5 Best Cozumel Cruise Excursions for Adventure Seekers

Cozumel Cruise Excursions

While some find cruising on the open water the best part of their vacations, others instead find exciting port activities the true icing on the cake. Cruises to Cozumel are known for excursions, and there are numerous activities that are ideally suited for guests of all ages, skill levels and interest sets. But, for the true adventurer, Cozumel cruise excursions do not fail to disappoint in terms of daring, adrenaline pumping endeavors and from exploring the jungle to reaping the plentiful bounty of the high seas, and cruising adventure seekers will find more than enough to do during their brief stays in Cozumel.

We have compiled a list of the best five Cozumel cruise excursions that are sure to please any adrenaline junkie, but bear in mind that while every safety precaution has been provided by experienced excursion operators, thrilling adventure tours are not for everyone, and there are some assumed risks involved with operating certain types of vehicles and the physical and mental demands involved with some of the activities. Therefore they are not always suitable for children (especially young children) and individuals with health conditions or physical impairments.

1. Scuba Diving: It is best to go ahead and get this popular activity out of the way early on the top five list, as Cozumel is well known for its magnificent scuba offerings. The region features one of the most impressive reefs in the entire world and an exotic wealth of diverse sea life to enjoy. Scuba diving is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, however diving in some parts of Cozumel can be very challenging, and depending on which organization your Cozumel cruise excursions is booked with, dive depths may vary. Of course, the occasional shark sighting adds another element of excitement and adventure to what, for many, is already a once in a lifetime experience that blows surface dwelling snorkeling out of the water.

2. Off Roading: Dune buggies are a common sight in Cozumel, and they are incredibly popular features on many Cozumel cruise excursions. While hanging out in an all terrain vehicle may not seem terribly adventurous, the destinations that the excursions lead to often are. Some of these tours take guests inland towards the area’s jungle region, where the ride becomes much more daring and much more thrilling. One tour in particular leads thrill seekers to the Jade Cavern, known for its beautiful water and peaceful, lush surroundings.

3. Parasailing: It just does not get any more adrenaline packed than gliding up to 600 feet above the turquoise waters below. Parasailing, one of the most exhilarating of the watersports, is an absolute rush that combines speed and altitude for an unparalleled view of Cozumel that few ever have the opportunity to witness. Parasailing may be a common activity in many of the port cities synonymous with Western Caribbean cruises; however mid air gliding in Cozumel is an experience like no other. Guests may ride tandem for double the fun and are even encouraged to bring a camera if they are comfortable, in order to commemorate and remember what is sure to be their favorite of all the Cozumel cruise excursions. Area operators are well trained professionals that keep both safety and extreme fun in perfect balance.

4. ATV Adventure: Riding ATVs can be a fun and exciting experience, however it is amplified when done in a jungle and passing by ancient Mayan Ruins. ATV tours are incredibly popular picks among Cozumel excursions, and it is no wonder. The region’s terrain is ideal for off road vehicles, and well traveled paths provide just enough rustic undertones to keep the experience authentic without posing safety concerns to cruise ship guests. ATV adventures are unique Cozumel cruise excursions in that they provide guests a means to see a wide variety of important not to miss attractions that the area has to offer. The all terrain vehicles pass by ancient ruins followed by amazing caves topped off by a jaunt through the flourishing rainforest. For those who want to see it all and have some fun doing it, ATV adventures truly have it all.

5. Deep Sea Fishing: Anyone who says that deep sea fishing is not adventurous has not felt the weight of a massive fish battling boat mounted fishing gear. Miles from shore, deep sea fishing Cozumel cruise excursions allow visitors an opportunity to try their hands at reeling in some of the local area’s deep water dwellers. The fish that may end up on the end of your line vary depending on the time of year, and those porting from Western Caribbean cruises from March through the month of July may end up hooking white marlin, dolphin, tuna, sailfish and blue marlin (each of which is sure to provide some thrills while reeling in!) Guests that are not lucky enough to visit while the big boys are in town will be treated to the yearlong residents of Cozumel’s waters including barracuda, grouper, wahoo, snapper, mackerel and amberjack. Bear in mind that deep sea fishing adventures may take more time than other Cozumel cruise excursions, so plan and time accordingly.