5 Best Falmouth Jamaica Cruise Excursions for Adventure Seekers

Falmouth Jamaica Cruise Excursions

Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean just south of Cuba and just west of Haiti. Known as a place where relaxing is a way of life, Jamaica is an incredibly popular port stop on many Western Caribbean cruises. Here, a slower pace and abundant, exciting night life combine to provide visitors the best of both worlds on some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. There are numerous places on the island that ships from the biggest cruise lines in the world come in to port, and many cruises to Jamaica stop in Falmouth, an area located on the island’s north shore. Guests can certainly spend their time basking in the local culture and soaking up some sun on the sandy shores, but there are so many things to do in Falmouth Jamaica that outside the normal touristy attractions, especially for adventure seekers. Whether through your cruise line or independently from one of many local operators, Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions can be a surefire way to get your adrenaline pumping on the serene and relaxing tropical paradise. We put together a list of the best five picks for exciting and daring Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions to help you start your adventure early when ported here.

1. Falls Tours and Tubing Adventure by Karandas Tours: As if waterfalls swimming at Dunn’s Falls in one of the most peaceful and exotic places in the world is not enough, this tour provides a heart pounding ride aboard an inflatable tube through some pretty impressive water on the White River. The falls and tubing adventure offer a whole new take on water sports and allow guests a thrilling and exciting way to journey around the islands cool and clear waterways. Like other Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions, booking these types of adventure tours can be done through the cruise line or directly with the operator, so it is worth considering the latter to save some money as these types of excursions can be costly.

2. Water Rafting: Gracefully gliding down the Martha Brae River may not sound like the most exciting or exhilarating Jamaican adventure, however daring guests have an opportunity to drive their thirty foot bamboo raft by taking control of the wheel (or, in this case, bamboo stick). For about an hour and a half, a duo of guests can cruise along the serene and peaceful river taking in some of the breathtaking scenery that is a hallmark of most Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions.

3. Sky Explorer Chair Lift: Chair lifts are not just for transporting excited skiers to the top of the mountain to start their adventure, and there is no snow to be found for guests flying high above the treetops on Jamaica’s chair lift adventure. Nearly seven hundred feet of nothingness separate guests and the lush and exotic landscape below making for a slow paced yet thrilling ride and a perspective of the island that few get to witness. The chair lift is also an excellent jump off point for many other Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions, giving way to other adventurous choices at the ride’s end.

4. Zip Line Canopy Tour: Some of the very best jungle tours are those that take place in the tree tops, where adventurers dance from junction to junction along cables suspended stories above stable land. Exciting and fast paced, the zip line canopy tour in Falmouth is just one way for guests to enjoy the Rainforest adventure, a multi faceted attraction that delights first time guests to the island and repeat visitors alike. The journey starts with the chair lift ride, and can be chosen at journey’s end as a part of booked Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions, although guests have the option to choose a rather wicked twisted slide ride alternatively.

5. Bobsled Ride: Those familiar with the feature film or the island’s history are well aware that Jamaica did in fact have its own Olympic bobsled team, and the ride by the same name commemorates that unusual and inspiring legacy, allowing guests to take part in the sport that made the world rethink the way they think about Jamaica. Typically, the ride is a part of multi-activity Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions and it is found in the Rainforest Park Adventure. The thousand meter long ride is literally built into a mountainside and operates by gravity alone, which can be both exciting and chilling at the same time. A handbrake is offered for some speed control, allowing guests an opportunity to slow down a little bit and examine some of the scenery that make Falmouth Jamaica cruise excursions so enjoyable.

Western Caribbean cruises often stop on the island of Jamaica, and although less developed than other major cruise ports of the island, Falmouth is quickly becoming a popular port stop. Guests can start their visits shopping and dining around the ships, but most quickly find that for adventure seekers, there are many Falmouth Jamaica excursions not to miss.