5 Best Falmouth Jamaica Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Falmouth Jamaica Shore Excursions

Falmouth is a port area in the central northern part of the island of Jamaica, and while this area is less well known than popular ports like Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, it is still a popular stop for the Royal Caribbean family cruises. Many of the available Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions are located a ways from the port and take advantage of the lush, tropical environment and the island’s numerous natural waterways. However, river tubing and roller coaster rides may be too fast paced for families traveling with little ones but good enough for teenagers. Luckily there are many things to do in Falmouth Jamaica with kids in tow that will make you rethink staying on the ship while ported in this part of the Caribbean. From family friendly adventures in the rainforest to historical tours to some of the island’s oldest buildings, there is something for everyone in Falmouth. And, the rapid rise in development of this area combined with some of the best beaches in the world ensure that Falmouth will remain a destination on Western Caribbean cruises for many years to come. We have put together a list of the five best choices in Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions for groups traveling with children to ensure that you get the most out of your time on the island known for friendly locals, bobsledding and of course, Bob Marley.

1. Dunn’s River Falls and White River Tubing: One of the most popular Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions allowing guests to experience the best of what Jamaica has to offer. The excursion will take small groups to Dunn’s River Falls, located within a 45 minute ride from Falmouth. Gorgeous Dunn’s River Falls are located 600 feet over the sea level, so the climb to the top will take approximately 90 minutes. There are plenty of opportunities along the path to stop and refresh in crystal clear natural pools of water up to the top of the mountain. Afterwards, guests are taken to a nearby White River to experience a nice and relaxing tube ride down the River. This 5 hour excursion is good for children of all ages; however kids under 2 must share a tube with an adult.

2. Enchanted Gardens, Bird Aviary and Waterfalls: Children may find this area of Falmouth particularly appealing; this 15 acres tropical garden introduces families to indigenous flora of Jamaica, lily and koi ponds. However, what may actually be a draw for children is the Bird Aviary giving them an exciting and friendly place to interact with some of the amazing birds. Nearby 14 Mini Waterfalls make for an excellent pit stop to or from other Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions and refresh in the inviting waters. Guests are allowed 60 minutes of unguided time to explore majestic falls on their own and take pictures at the majestic backdrops. On average, this particular excursion take approximately 3 hours 30 minutes with a minimum age of kids restricted to 4, since there’s lots of climbing and water wading involved.

3. Beach Horseback Ride: If you are toting a troop of older children 6 and up that need to burn off some energy, perhaps the Caribbean Sea beach horseback ride is just the ticket. This excursion will take guests along a gorgeous tropical forest ride to find themselves on a white sandy beach with warm and inviting waters. To further elevate guests’ experience, saddles are taken off the horses and swimsuit clad tourists are invited to ride bareback horses through the Caribbean Sea waters on a short 15 minute ride. These excursions are very popular for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises, and those in Falmouth are especially unique because the 3 ½ hour tour not only encompasses some of the unique experiences in the area, but also gives a glimpse back in history in the Caribbean. The ride back along the beach lends tremendous views of the water birds and 18th century deserted warehouse that once served for an old sugar mill. Ranked among the most adventurous Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions, nobody should miss an opportunity to ride along on this wonderful beach experience.

4. Mystic Mountain: No doubt that the majority of Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions end up at Mystic Mountain, where both families traveling with children and adrenaline junkies alike can find activities that are perfect for them. Whether hopping aboard a sky high chair lift or waterfalls swimming at Dunn’s Falls, there is something for everyone to do at the Rainforest Adventure. Popular activities here for older children include the Bobsled ride and zip lining adventure, but groups with smaller kids will find gentle river and rainforest tours right up their alley. Many Falmouth Jamaica shore excursions to Mystic Mountain can be booked directly with a cruise line, but there are also numerous options to choose from once docked in the port itself.

5. Wildlife Swamp Safari and the Falls: It might be hard to find Falmouth Jamaican shore excursions to meet the needs of the whole family, but this all encompassing safari adventure is not to be missed. During the 5 hour excursion, guests are taken through the historical downtown Falmouth to pass by incredible architecture and sights. The tour will take an initial stop at the Anglican Parish, the oldest public building on the island, and continue to the famous Dunn’s River Falls. There, guests are given the opportunity to climb the mountain and splash in the natural pools of water along the way. The next adventure is a guided safari swamp tour introducing guests to the largest Aviary in Jamaica, handheld crocodiles, snakes and other exotic species of the Caribbean. But the most exciting stop on these Falmouth Jamaica excursions is visiting the Kananga House shoot location featured in the 1972 “Live and Let Die” James Bond movie.