5 Best Limon Costa Rica Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Limon Costa Rica Shore Excursions

Costa Rica is considered one of the few remaining unspoiled natural tourist destinations in the world. Boasting a wealth of protected parks and an abundance of wild species, it is an incredibly popular stop on many Western Caribbean cruises. Although the region is certainly ideal for adventure seekers and adrenaline hunters, Limon Costa Rica also is well suited for families that are looking for a safe and educational jungle adventure. There are many Limon Costa Rica shore excursions that can be arranged when ported here that will give visitors a unique look at both the landscape and history of the middle America country. For those aboard family cruises or traveling with small children, the available activities are fewer, but there are still some great choices to consider when ported here. We put together a list of the best five worth thinking about for those aboard cruises to Costa Rica.

1. Tortuguero Canals: One of the National Parks local to Limon that has been delighting guests for over thirty years is the Tortuguero Park, named for the green turtles that have made the natural preserve their home. Tours here are done aboard boats that move slow enough to allow guests an opportunity to experience all of the incredible diversity of life around them including exotic plant life and curious local animal residents, like the tree hugging sloth. Toucans, alligators and a variety of monkeys can also be viewed here from the safety and security of a shore hugging boat. The Tortuguero canals are one of the most popular Limon Costa Rica shore excursions and it is also one of the best choices amongst eco tours for groups traveling with small children.

2. Sloth Sanctuary: There are few places in the world where the slow moving sloth can be viewed up close and personal, and the sanctuary found here boasts over three hundred acres that are privately owned by the Avey-Arroyo-Rochté family. Conservation is the theme here, and guests both young and old can learn about species protection and habitat preservation for sloths on the Buttercup tour, an inexpensive (priced at $25.00) way to learn a little bit more about sloths and why they are so important to the region. Many Limon Costa Rica shore excursions offer a chance to see wildlife from a gondola, tram or boat, but a stroll through the preservation beats other jungle tours any day in terms of educational value, with passionate and dedicated individuals leading the daily tours.

3. Parque Vargas: Unfortunately, although it boasts a ton of coastline, Limon is definitely not the home of the best beach vacations in the world. Guests need to traverse north a few miles to even hit sandy beach. But, the views at Parque Vargas, although offering nothing in terms of getting wet, are stunning and allow visitors to experience an important local landmark. This area is encapsulated in another national park, well landscaped with tropical foliage like bright flowers and palms; and, rock formations off the coast are readily viewable here, from a perspective offered nowhere else. There is not much activity at Parque Vargas and definitely not on par with high energy Limon Costa Rica shore excursions, however it appears to be a slow paced chance to take in the scenic beauty of the area and is ideal for those who do not wish to stray far from port.

4. Museo Etnohistorico de Limon: Although porting in Limon is becoming more popular for many carriers of Western Caribbean cruises, the area is still not necessarily a touristy area, and there are fewer things to do in Puerto Limon than may be found in other cruise port cities. However, a museum can be found here, the Museo Etnohistórico de Limón, that can provide some local history and cultural background on the residents in the area and the country’s past. Artwork is also on display here, and guests can delight in local handiworks and pristine pieces of awe inspiring beauty. A stop at the museum may be included on some Limon Costa Rica cruise excursions but can also be visited during calling hours while in port.

5. Isla Uvita: School age children are undoubtedly familiar with Christopher Columbus and his voyages across the Atlantic. His last such voyage left him landing at Isla Uvita, a historic sight, so to speak. While there is excitement to be experienced walking the same steps that Christopher Columbus and crew did decades ago, there is little else to get excited about at Isla Uvita. Limon Costa Rica shore excursions can be booked here, but the area hardly caters to tourists. There are no dining or food options here, so a picnic basket or boat bag of snacks is a really good idea. Additionally, while there is a beach found here (in fact it is a prime destination for Limon Costa Rica shore excursions for surfers) it is not ideal for children. Wild waters that mean big waves make it an undesirable spot for swimming with small ones.

Limon Costa Rica is a popular port stop for many Western Caribbean cruises, and an excellent place to come in to the pier for guests to fan out and take advantage of the immense biodiversity and natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. However, Puerto Limon is still up and coming in terms of developing tourist attractions, and many offerings are found away from port and are perhaps too intense for small children. But, there are some Costa Rica cruise excursions that do not require a jaunt too far from port or a safety harness that guests can take advantage of that include taking in the beauty, history and culture of the area.