5 Best Montego Bay Cruise Excursions for Adventure Seekers

Montego Bay Cruise Excursions

Cruises to Jamaica are very popular with adventure seekers who know that the tropical and mountainous Caribbean island is an excellent environment to get their adrenaline pumping. There are numerous Montego Bay cruise excursions to choose from when porting into the northern coast city, but not all of them offer heart pounding adventure. Luckily, there are things to do in Montego Bay for just about everyone from the youngest of traveling children to the most seasoned cruise veteran, and there is no shortage of adventure to be had here. We put together a list of the best five excursions for those who like to take a walk on the wild side and from secret stashes of natural water features to one of the most active beaches on the island, there is something for everyone to love in Montego Bay.

1. YS Falls: A signature excursion staple for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises are chances to glimpse natural wonders like rock formations and waterfalls. Unfortunately because Dunn’s Falls is arguably the most popular of all Montego Bay cruise excursions, chances are that cruise ship guests are unlikely to get a private visit there. However, a fifty mile ride is all that separates adventurous types from another local island gem, YS Falls. Here, seven tiers of cascading glory pool in a cool and clear reservoir below making for a truly scenic and breathtaking experience. But, checking out waterfalls are not exactly high on the list of exciting Montego Bay cruise excursions, so amping it up a thing or two is certainly in order. Guests can enjoy canopy rides and river tube rides here, adding some excitement to balance out the serenity and peacefulness of the falls.

2. Aquasol: This active tourists’ beach was once named Walter Fletcher Beach and it was renamed Aquasol after it took on the persona of a theme park, so to speak. A water park can be found here where thrill seekers can get a quick rush from liquidy attractions, but the real allure here are the water sports that the area is known for. Many Montego Bay cruise excursions offer water sports, but Aquasol provides a huge variety that ensures there is something that will suit you no matter what you are looking for. Jamaica is home to some of the best beach vacations in the world thanks to its stunning light sands and crystal clear waters, and therefore it is no surprise that experiencing high speed water sports here is a truly exceptional experience.

3. Horseback Ride and Swim Tour: Horseback riding is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. That is, when the horses stay firmly planted on dry land. These horses, the main characters of the Horseback Ride and Swim Tour, do not mind if you saddle up as long as you also do not mind getting wet. The equine excursionists have no problem heading shoulder deep into the surf, providing some rather challenging horseback riding and a truly unique way to experience the shores of Jamaica. These Montego Bay cruise excursions are not ideal for children, although experienced youth riders ages twelve and above may be allowed to participate in the adventure.

4. Kayaking and Canopy Adventure: The Chukka Ultimate Kayak & Canopy Adventure is an ideal pick among Montego Bay Cruise excursions for adventure seekers who are not able to choose just one way to adventure around the island. The tour takes place on the Good Hope Great House property, which is well known and serves on its own for numerous Montego Bay Jamaica excursions, where guests can ride in carriages and enjoy high tea. But, the property is not used for relaxation and historical perspective on these thrilling Montego Bay cruise excursions. Visitors are whisked stories above solid ground through the canopies bouncing from station to station along lines of suspended cable in the zip line adventure. They are then transported to the on-property White River where the adventure continues in a fast paced kayaking voyage.

5. 4 X 4 Safari Adventure: Barreling over dirt roads across the lush, hilly and unforgiving landscape of Jamaica is as exciting as it gets, but this fast paced entry among the most thrilling Montego Bay Cruise Excursions is not just all about getting there fast. Guests aboard the rugged 4 X 4 vehicle will also get to explore some truly natural environments and stop by historical landmarks as well, such as a building that once served as a slave hospital. Hidden natural gems like springs and waterfalls also await guests brave enough to test their mettle against the harsh and hearty landscape in order to get there. The 4 X 4 adventure tour is not for everyone – but for those who have had a few cruises to Jamaica and are looking for something new, or; anyone interested in a rough and tough rainforest adventure, the 4 X 4 all terrain tour is a perfect pick.