5 Best Montego Bay Tours for Families with Kids

Montego Bay Tours

Western Caribbean cruises are very popular for families as children embrace the tropical climate and atmosphere and gear up for boat loads of play time in the water and the chance for an experience with exotic wildlife. But, not all activities found in port cities along these journeys will appeal to children. Luckily, many of the major stops along Western Caribbean cruises provide more than enough activity for children aside from simply beach or boat time. We put together a list of the best five Montego Bay Tours for families traveling with little ones to make sure that they get the most of their time ashore.

1. Rocklands Bird Feeding Station and Sanctuary: The small town of Anchovy (yes, the familiar pizza topping and tiny fish) is home to one of the most beautiful and relaxing of all Montego Bay Tours. The sanctuary includes a nature trail that is filled with local avian residents that are friendly enough to not only make themselves visible to anxious guests, but also to grab a snack if anyone’s offering. Feeding the more than 20 different species of birds found at the Feeding Station and Sanctuary is sure to be a delight for any little ones traveling on family cruises and the property is absolutely stunning, providing for a peaceful and pretty tour exploring local flora and fauna too. The Sanctuary is about twenty minutes from the Montego Bay piers and is a short taxi ride away from the hustle and bustle of the port.

2. Great Houses of Montego Bay: Perhaps not surprisingly, some of the best tours for guests aboard Western Caribbean Cruises are those that celebrate the delicate history of the islands found in the region. Excursions exploring the Great Houses of Jamaica are some of the most popular Montego Bay tours, offering guests not only the chance to check out some eye popping real estate, but also an opportunity to learn more about the plain or extraordinary residents that once lived there. Guests aboard Montego Bay tours to the Great Houses can learn about purportedly haunted Rose Hall, for instance, home of “The White Witch,” sure to thrill and spook curious children. And, young literature lovers may be thrilled to visit the former home of poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

3. Good Hope Great House: One of the most well known of all the Great Houses in Montego Bay is far too large and grand to be included on smaller scale Montego Bay tours. This particular past plantation commands its own tour and excursions, boasting acres upon acres of tropical lush lands housing an incredibly opulent and impressive manor. Tours here can include just about anything from horseback rides to horse and buggy rides, zip-lining and water tubing and everything in between. The manor itself plays host to lunches and tea time while also serving as a centerpiece for historical lore. Good Hope Great House is one of the most popular things to do in Montego Bay because the property offers so many different types of activities. This means that regardless of how many people you have in your party and what their ages are, Montego Bay tours to Good Hope Great House are sure to please.

4. Blue Mountain Experience: Eco tours are incredibly popular in this part of the world because the landscapes and environments are so vastly different than those that cruise ships are coming from. While the Caribbean may be home to some of the best beach vacations in the world, it is also known for its tropical, high altitude wonders, known as The Blue Mountains. Here, coffee plantations can be found so guests can delight in both the awe inspiring natural beauty as well as an important part of the island’s economy and culture. These Montego Bay Tours can be thrilling for children and include lunch and a spot of time for window shopping too, however guests should be advised that the tour time is lengthily, and very young children might find it too long to enjoy for an entire day.

5. Dolphin Cove: One of the very most popular of all Montego Bay Tours are trips over to Dolphin Cove where guests can delight in a very hands on adventure with some very friendly bottlenose dolphins and swimming with them is actually encouraged. Although one of the most well loved of all Montego Bay Jamaica excursions, swimming with the magnificent mammals may not be for everyone. But, this particular tour has something to offer everyone from big kid swimmers to activities for the little ones. Stingrays are also found here as well as parrots happy to pose for a photo opportunity. Dolphin Cove is a perfect blend of adventure for the thrill seekers and subtle exploration of local critters for those who are not.