5 Best Progreso Cruise Excursions for Adventure Seekers

Progreso Cruise Excursions

Progreso is a small port city located on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula along the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The area is only beginning to cater to tourists aboard Western Caribbean cruises, thanks to the construction of what has been dubbed the longest ship pier in the world, designed to circumvent the limestone formations that litter the coast of this part of Mexico. Here at the pier, cargo ships and cruise ships drop people off and pack goods on, and cruise ship tourists hop aboard shuttles to whisk them away to the tiny town of Progreso. Quiet and laid back, it may seem the most unlikely place to find some good adventure tours. However, there are many adrenaline pumping activities to be found here. Progreso cruise excursions offer everything from rugged landscape adventures to daring water activities, so no matter what you are seeking, you can find it here in one of the most historically significant parts of the world. We compiled a sampling of the best five Progreso cruise excursions sure to get your heart racing if you are attempting to dodge the slower pace that the town is known for.

1. Jaguar Truck Mayan Adventure Expedition: The tour may start out innocent enough, with an exhilarating bike ride along the salt marshes that dot the landscape, however adventure quickly takes over following a stop at the Mayan ruins of Xcambo. Stand up paddle boarding makes a visit to a local lagoon an exhilarating experience, and the entire tour from start to finish is a fast paced look at some of the best tourist spots in the area. Guests even get to enjoy getting to and from their adventurous start and end points riding aboard the big red jaguar bus, a kitschy cab of sorts that guests really enjoy. Between the bike riding over the undisturbed terrain and the sixty plus minutes of paddle boarding, this multi faceted adventure is one of the best Progreso cruise excursions for those seeking some excitement, history and a chance to explore the region.

2. Kiteboarding: Progreso is a perfect place for both beginner and seasoned kite boarders to have a little fun. Due to the fact that the waters here are incredibly calm but the necessary winds for successful kiteboarding are present almost every month of the year, a perfect cocktail for kiteboarding is in the mix almost each and every day. Guests can book either Progreso cruise excursions for first timers or those who want to learn how to kiteboard, or excursions geared toward experienced air riders that allow them to spend a half day bouncing back and forth from waves to wind.

3. Kayak Eco Tours: Although many aboard Mexico cruises may scoff at the idea of getting off of one boat and on board another, true adventurers know that Kayaking is very different from riding aboard luxurious ships on Western Caribbean cruises. Physical endurance is necessary to power yourself in and around the mangroves where getting up close and personal with the local animal residents of the area can be a truly unique experience. Like other Progreso cruise excursions, the singular activity of kayaking is not the only activity guests get as part of their package, and a beach stroll, flamingo watching and cheese snacks in a thatched hut help guests wind down before heading back to port.

4. Dune Buggies: For many, the thought of driving in a foreign country in the safety and security of a rental car sounds like a scary thing, but adventure seekers can kick it up a notch in Progreso and ditch the air conditioned comfort of a sedan in exchange for the rugged and open air ambiance of a dune buggy. These off road warriors are an exciting way to take a tour of the numerous local ruin sites, one of the most popular things to do in Progreso. Although there are buses headed to the historical spots on the regular, getting there yourself while traversing over the vast and unspoiled landscape can be a really exciting treat. These Progreso cruise excursions are also ideal for those that want a quicker trip to check out some Mayan ruins without committing to an all day tour and additional activities.

5. Water Sports: While kiteboarding may be a particularly popular water based activity, the calm waters and gentle surf of the Gulf of Mexico make the area particularly conducive to a great variety of water based activities, and there are many Progreso cruise excursions available that take ship guests to local resorts or hotels to take advantage of the beaches and activities found there. Although snorkel and scuba are less popular here due to shallow waters – parasailing, jet skiing and water skiing are available from some of the local resorts. These Progreso cruise excursions are ideal for guests who have visited the area before and have already seen the ruins and flamingos and just want to have some fun in the warm waters of the Gulf.