5 Best Progreso Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Progreso Shore Excursions

For many aboard Western Caribbean cruises, Progreso is a unique stop as it lacks much of the hustle and bustle of other cruise ship ports and really takes guests to a new destination where culture runs deep and history surrounds them. Progreso offers much in the way of eco and biodiversity and archeological wonder, but much less in terms of modern conveniences and big city allure. In fact, mere fishing communities were all that existed here before the mammoth pier, estimated at around four miles long, was built in order to accommodate trade and tourism. The area is rapidly becoming more and more equipped to handle guests by the boatload, but in terms of Progreso shore excursions, pickings are still pretty slim. Finding things to do in Progreso can be challenging for solo guests and couples, but even more so for those with kids or toddlers in tow. There are however a few activities ideal for people aboard family cruises or those traveling with small children, and we put together a list of the best five of them for you to consider.

1. Mayan Ruins: Undoubtedly what makes Progreso a perfect stop for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises is the town’s proximity to many different Mayan ruin sites. There are all day Progreso shore excursions to popular archeological finds like Chichen Itza, however these tours may be too long and frankly too boring for little ones. Better choices are the ruin sites that are closer to the port like Uxmal, which may be smaller than Chichen Itza but is just as if not more beautiful thanks to intricate carvings and stunning limestone displays. Progreso shore excursions headed here are often shorter and still allow guests to check out popular attractions like cenotes, which are cool pools that are found in some of the limestone caves. Older children will likely appreciate purification ceremonies performed by Mayan Shaman if lucky enough to come across one.

2. The Malecon Beach: Although the Gulf of Mexico may not be known as the home of the best beach vacations in the world, the gentle breezes found here combined with shallow waters and a lack of intense current actually make beach time pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family. At this clean beach the waters are abundantly clear and there are rentals and activities for every member of your party. Shuttle buses can take guests on Progreso shore excursions that head right for the beach and refreshments are available nearby as well as a craft market. There is even something for the grown ups to love here as well, as on the beach massages are available regularly.

3. City Tours of Meridia: Surprisingly, many find that one of the most enjoyable things to do in Progreso is to head out on a city tour. While Progreso itself has little to offer, the close by town of Merida is a cornucopia of activity, offering historical buildings, traditional activities and handiwork and of course, a boat load of local cuisine. Progreso shore excursions headed to Merida often include other point of interest stops along the way; however, guests do not have to travel far to get a taste of the Mayan ruins. Meridia’s cathedral boasts stone construction straight from the Xbacluum-Chan pyramid. The lack of tourist traps and pushy local salespeople make Progreso shore excursions to Meridia so popular, where an authentic cultural experience is truly possible.

4. Celestun Biosphere Reserve: A biosphere may not sound like an exciting adventure, but do not tell the residents of this nature preserve that. The Celestun Biosphere Reserve is home to an enormous population of brilliantly colored bright pink flamingos, and they have been providing awe inspiring experiences for guests for years. The Reserve not only treats guests to one of the largest nesting spots for flamingos in the entire world, but additionally hundreds of other local bird species as well. A petrified forest and cool and refreshing cenote are other highlights of these Progreso shore excursions, sure to delight even the smallest passengers in your party.

5. El Faro Lighthouse: Although adventure seekers will undoubtedly make an attempt to climb the tall lighthouse, less excitable guests will simply enjoy a trip to visit the stark white ship beacon, which is located very near the cruise ship port. For those who are not interested in wandering too far away from the ships, the lighthouse of El faro provides a close and quick trip to a local landmark. Many other Progreso shore excursions actually tip off at the lighthouse, and a market can be found at its base as well.