5 Best Santo Tomas Guatemala Shore Excursions for Families with Kids

Santo Tomas Guatemala Shore Excursions

Santo Tomas Guatemala has only recently become an itinerary stop for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises, as the port served only industrial purposes until after the start of the new millennium. However, in just a short amount of time, the locals have found exciting and amazing ways to make guests feel at home and feel welcome. The area is far from touristy, with the port offering nothing more than a warehouse turned market and kiosks for booking Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions. However, although this is still a relatively developing area, there are many things to do in Santo Tomas for cruise ship passengers. Like other destinations, however, finding things to do here when traveling aboard family cruises or toting toddlers can be slightly more challenging. Luckily, there are many Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions that are ideal for the whole family where each member of your party is guaranteed to have some fun, and learn a thing or two perhaps as well.

1. Banana Plantation: One of the highlights for many guests traveling aboard cruises to Guatemala is witnessing firsthand the importance of agriculture to the area. Plantations for commodities like coffee and bananas can be found here, and guests can book Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions to these fruity farms and observe the processing of goods that most of us consume regularly. Along the way to the destination plantations, visitors are treated to many examples of the local way of life, passing through small villages and getting opportunities to interact with the friendly locals, which for many ends up being the best part of their trip to this area.

2. Private Beach Excursion: There really are not a whole lot of spectacular beaches in the area, however tucked along the bay is a private resort that guests can book Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions to that allow for some family friendly time on one of the only swimmable beaches in the area. The Amantique Bay resort provides not only a place to soak up some sun and some sea swimming, but also water slides, a swimming pool and dining options as well. The beach is ideal for families that want to get off the cruise ship but are not comfortable doing much exploring locally. Day passes to resorts are common at less touristy ports found along Western Caribbean cruises, and shuttle buses whisk passengers from the pier to the hotel, offering a small sampling of the local area along the way.

3. Mayan Ruins: One of the biggest allures to the area are undoubtedly the Mayan ruins, and there are several sites that are accessible here booked through Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions. The largest and most impressive of these is Tikal, which has received acclaim from travel experts around the world as a place that simply must be seen. However, it is a long journey from the piers to reach Tikal, and those with small children may opt instead for one of the smaller but arguably equally impressive ruin sites that can be reached from the port. Quirigua is one such option and it boasts a stunning display of historical sculptures and carvings set in a magnificent environment. Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions to Quirigua are among the most popular because they allow guests an opportunity to take in the ruins without occupying an entire day in port.

4. Spanish Fortress: Historical tours are very common for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises because the area was a literal hot bed of activity in centuries’ past from the likes of early adventurers and pirates, too. Here in Santo Tomas, a nearby fort provides both an opportunity to see an important part of the local history and learn a thing or two about its occupation thanks to knowledgeable and experienced guides. The Spanish Fortress is not far from the pier, making it an excellent choice among Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions for those with limited time. But longer tours that incorporate the fortress ruins can also be booked that include other activities like waterfall swimming and cruising through the local villages.

5. River Cruises: Perhaps one of the best choices in eco tours for those traveling with children is to hop aboard a river cruise and have an opportunity to get up close and personal (but not too up close and personal) with some of the flora and the fauna of the area. The Rio Dulce river, (known as the “sweet river”), the watery road that most Santo Tomas Guatemala shore excursions idle guests along, is particularly exquisite, offering an opportunity to marvel at the pass through gorge with walls as high as three hundred feet. Children will find themselves particularly delighted however at not the sights on the river cruise, but rather the sounds. Howler monkeys can be heard calling to visitors from the shorelines, making for a multi-sensory adventure.