5 Best Santo Tomas Guatemala Tours for Adventure Seekers

Santo Tomas Guatemala Tours

Santo Tomas de Castilla has only recently become a port stop on itineraries for Western Caribbean cruises, as the port town was devoted solely to industry prior to 2004. With so little time to prepare for boatloads of tourists, there are fewer excursion opportunities in Santo Tomas than in other parts of the Caribbean. Additionally, the area is not touristy and a single makeshift warehouse market is all that welcomes guests getting off the ships. However, the friendly and accommodating peoples of the region have happily welcomed their foreign friends, and there are some Santo Tomas Guatemala tours for ship bound guests to enjoy while ported here. The landscape is relatively unspoiled, making it a superb place for adventure tours and exciting journeys through the tropical environment. For the adventure seeker, it may seem like there are not many things to do in Santo Tomas, but there are more than enough activities here to provide a solid adrenaline rush. We have composed a list of the five best Santo Tomas Guatemala tours to consider if excitement is on your itinerary while ported in this part of Guatemala.

1. Horseback Riding: Traversing across the rugged landscape upon horseback is a popular activity in many parts of the Caribbean and the activity is popular in Santo Tomas where tropical foliage gives way to stunning natural water features. Guests can dismount their steeds and partake in a little waterfall swimming and rock climbing at the well known falls just fifteen minutes from port. Horseback riding tours are ideal for guests that want to explore the flora and fauna of the area up close and personal with a knowledgeable guide and a sense of adventure. These Santo Tomas Guatemala tours are also great in terms of time management for those with limited port time as they tend to not occupy an entire day, leaving time for lunching or shopping if desired.

2. Jet Skiing: There is not much available in the way of underwater adventure in Santo Tomas as the area is not known for scuba and snorkel, (the Bay Islands of Honduras are, however, but excursions here require a lot of travel time) so water adventures are best kept on the surface. Guests can book Santo Tomas Guatemala tours to a nearby resort to take advantage of some high speed fun on the water by renting a jet ski to cruise up and down the coast line. The resort, Amantique Bay, offers beachside fun and a wide variety of edibles as well, so it is easy to make an entire day’s worth of activity here as well as book many other Santo Tomas Guatemala tours if desired.

3. Kayaking: The lush mangroves that make snorkeling challenging here lend very well to kayaking, which has become a very popular activity for guests in the region. Local wildlife and flora can be observed first hand while paddling slowly through the dense collections of watery shrubs. Most Santo Tomas Guatemala tours that offer kayaking also provide other activities as well, such as a stop at local Mayan Ruins or shore side picnic lunches making for a full day of exploration and adventure. Kayaking is a popular activity in this part of the world, and this popular excursion is available on many Western Caribbean cruises.

4. Parasailing: Although activities are somewhat limited in Santo Tomas, the limited local resorts do offer paid watersport activities like parasailing. Serious thrill seekers can enjoy unparalleled views of the unspoiled Guatemalan coast high above the water at speeds fast enough to get the blood pumping but slow enough to allow for a chance to take in some breathtaking scenery. These Santo Tomas Guatemala tours start at the port and head to the nearby resorts where all day paid passes provide opportunities to book these watery adventures.

5. Climb a Volcano: The epitome of all jungle tours, climbing the Santo Tomas volcano is the absolute ultimate thrill ride for any adventure seeker. Guests ascend the volatile giant, passing by hot springs along the way. From the top of the volcano, guests can see the tops of other local volcanoes that comprise what the locals refer to as “The Ring of Fire”. This awe inspiring experience is not for the weak or faint of heart. These Santo Tomas Guatemala tours take some time, and an entire day will be devoted to climbing and descending the fire monster. But, for those with a true sense of adventure, there is no other tour in the area that compares.