Best Snorkeling and Diving Grand Cayman Tours to Book

Grand Cayman Tours

The warm waters off the Caribbean Sea make snorkeling and scuba some of the most popular activities for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises. Porting offers visitors to the area an opportunity to get off the ship’s deck and on to terra firma, only to leave again and head straight to the water for a chance to see some of the area’s exotic and colorful sea life and beautiful and abundant corals. Many Grand Cayman tours are focused on the area’s diverse ecology and offer scuba and snorkel adventure tours that guests can’t get enough of. But, with so many different options on such a large Caribbean island, which ones are the best? For help with that, we have gathered some important information about the best scuba and snorkel Grand Cayman tours available to cruise ship passengers to help you narrow your search and pick the ones that provide the best blends of your interests and experience level.

1. Discover Scuba Diving: Not every visitor to Grand Cayman has spent more hours below the water’s surface than above, and Discover Scuba Diving is ideal for this caliber of visitor that enjoys and appreciates the adventure that scuba diving has to offer while still having a lot to learn about safe diving and technique. These Grand Cayman tours provide tutorial courses in conditions that are similar to a swimming pool environment so that newbies can get their bearings and learn important safety information before heading out with professional and experienced instructors to explore the reef. For those that thought they were limited to snorkeling due to a lack of certification, Discover Scuba Diving provides a chance to experience the underwater environment like never before. At just under three hours long, the excursion provides enough time to learn and get personalized training and get a fair amount of time in the water.

2. Zodiac Eco Stingray Tour: There are two different Grand Cayman tours provided aboard the inflatable zoom mobiles that have been dubbed the ATVs of the sea by visitors. A half day tour consisting of three ocean filled hours takes guests to Stingray City where they can spend some time petting and feeding the stingrays while snorkeling about in the three foot deep waters above the sandbar. Guests depart from here and head to starfish beach for some exciting shallow water snorkeling and a chance to touch (but not take!) some of the slow moving and brightly colored multi armed critters. A full day on these Grand Cayman tours affords visitors just under six hours of tour time that also stops in stingray city and starfish beach but adds a trip to the barrier reef for some of the most exciting snorkeling the area has to offer.

3. Waverunner and Snorkeling Tours: No doubt that a trip to Grand Cayman just is not complete without visiting the stingrays gliding above the sandbar at Stingray City, but getting there can be half the fun. Guests can take advantage of Grand Cayman tours that start aboard jet skis for an adrenaline fueled and high speed twenty minute ride that gives way to a peaceful snorkeling and hands on encounter. The tour ends with another exhilarating ride to Rum Point beach where shells and starfish make the snorkel friendly delight in the clear and warm waters. Although visiting the reef systems may be one of the best things to do in Grand Cayman, shallow water adventures on shorter tours with heart pumping travel options are not to be missed.

4. Wall Scuba Diving Excursions: Few Western Caribbean cruises are truly complete without adding scuba diving to the agenda, and the wall off Grand Cayman is one of the best places in the region to do so. Many scuba based Grand Cayman tours take experienced divers to the wall where sunlight dances back and forth from massive coral structures adorned with brightly colored natural features and chirpy and friendly fishy local residents. These Grand Cayman tours are reserved for individuals with more experience and appropriate certifications and are not for beginners. However, seasoned scuba lovers will find that few places in the world compare to deeper water diving Grand Cayman excursions.