Carnival Cruises Jobs – Hot Positions, Pay Rates and Benefits

Carnival Cruises Jobs

Carnival cruises ships are always fully staffed with helpful and friendly people that work hard to make your cruise experience something special. Carnival Cruises jobs are available in every department and offer potential employees competitive wages, and many benefits. Working on a ship can be hard work, but the experience is second to none when you factor in the people you will meet and the places that you will sail to.

If you are hired on Carnival Cruises from Galveston, for example, you will travel around the Caribbean and the Bahamas, seeing many small island nations along the way. If you get hired on an Alaskan route, the scenery and majesty of the state is yours to discover, and from there the possibilities are endless. Transatlantic, South Pacific, Mediterranean, and many more sailings make Carnival one of the top cruise lines in the world.

Some of the benefits of working and living onboard when you take a Carnival Cruises job include the crew only deck, the crew only parties, movie nights and excursions and the training center in which you can learn a new language, update your skills and really get ahead both in life and your career. All meals, accommodations and even laundry facilities are free for crew and your medical and dental needs are also taken care of, all included with the job.

Because calls from sea are expensive, Carnival employees have access to a crew-only internet café where they are given discounted rates. They also have discounts at the stores onboard and at many ports of call to enjoy during their contract.

The retirement benefits kick in after only 10 consecutive years of service and employees also have the opportunity to buy stock in the company at 15 % off the market price twice per year, and enjoy family cruise rates for friends and family who wish to visit for a cruise.

Whether you are assigned to the Carnival cruise Conquest or any of their other ships, the chance to meet new people and see the world is just waiting for you if you land a Carnival Cruises job. While most new employees take a few weeks to adjust to the schedule and living on a ship, the experience that you have will be one that stays with you forever.

Both Royal Caribbean jobs and Carnival Cruises jobs are available from various sources, for all kinds of positions both onboard and on land. If you are looking for a change of pace, this could just be what you are waiting for.