Cheap Bermuda Cruises – Where Should I Depart?

Cheap Bermuda Cruises

Travel to Bermuda can now be enjoyed by ship, as many lines now do routes that take you from ports of the eastern coast of the United States and go over to the colourful island that is Bermuda. Cheap Bermuda cruises can be had from any of the liners that offer this service and can usually be had online or via a travel agent. Because there are so many options for a departure port, agreeing on which place to leave from may not be an easy task, but depending on where you live and which liner you choose your choices may be narrowed down just a little.

A Baltimore to Bermuda cruise can be found on Royal Caribbean Cruises, where you can enjoy six nights aboard their majestic ships, enjoying entertainment, sports, pools and a spa, not to mention the fine dining options and family friendly activities. Cheap Bermuda cruises can also be found coming out of New York, which offers a port that is in the heart of everything. Choose from Princess Cruises or Norwegian Cruise lines, and take either a four or seven night excursion to the pink sand beaches of Bermuda.

A Boston to Bermuda cruise can be had from Norwegian, who are currently the only liner taking this route. Norwegian is known for their ‘freestyle cruising’ meaning that it is all very casual and you have the choice to do what you want when you want. Norwegian cruise line Boston to Bermuda offers tons of dining options, an indoor pool in addition to the outdoor ones and plenty to see and do once you are aboard.

If you are looking for cheap Bermuda cruises and you want to leave from the Big Apple but don’t like the hustle of the big city port, look into taking Cruises to Bermuda from New Jersey. Both Celebrity and Royal Caribbean offer service from this lovely port that is close enough to all the action while being a quieter option for departing and arriving in the tri-state area.

Cheap Bermuda cruises can be had from just about any port that you wish to embark from. Having a great time on a Bermuda cruise is a given, with the many amazing ships that sail this route every year, getting the best deal is up to you, check early and often for the best prices going.