Chile Cruises From Valparaiso – What To Expect?

Chile Cruises

Every vacation you plan from this point forward, expect to have the adventure of a lifetime. However, making the decision to set sail on a Chilean cruise to South America is one of the best experiences you will ever have. Almost with any Chile cruise your expectations will be superseded. Valparaiso, Chile is such a beautiful part of the world, known best for their carefully cultivated wine regions and fertile central valleys. This area of Chile has been deemed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. A must-see, before you embark on your Chile cruise, is the heart of the city, the San Francisco Church, built from 1572-1618. Other places to visit in Chile include the Palace de Armas, a stroll to San Cristobal Hill offers breath-taking panoramic views and make sure to visit the Cerro Santa Lucia, which the city was founded on in 1541.

If you’re starting your voyage on an itinerary for an Australis cruise, get ready for a thrilling and adventurous expedition of exploring some of the Earth’s most natural beauty. Your three to four day Chile cruise will create a memorable journey like no other, beginning with a multi-lingual staff that is prepared to cater to your every desire while on board. This luxury cruise is designed to spoil and pamper, while sailing throughout the different regions of Chile.

Next prepare yourself to be marveled by the sights of the high-peaked Andes down to the pristine and azure Chilean coastal range, not to mention the fjords as the ship navigates along the way. Expect to see an abundant amount of penguin colonies, elephant seals and sea lions during your trip. Your Chile cruise captain will point out when you reach the famed Aquila Glacier…it is literally an end of the Earth experience. Sailing through the Straights of Magellan and Beagle Channel will feel like a moment in time, perhaps similar to a Lewis and Clark expedition. The historical region, the wildlife, the flora and fauna, and the phenomenal beauty of the geography of the area are just a glimpse of what you can expect on a Chilean cruise.