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Cruises To Israel

Cruises To Israel and Egypt – Which One To Choose?

Many cruise lines offer cruises to Israel and Egypt, usually paired with other ports of call and collectively called a Holy Land cruise. From the wonders of Ancient Egypt and its many mysteries to the Holy places like Israel and Jerusalem, cruises to this part of the world are attractive to many tourists.

Mediterranean Cruise Ports

Top 10 Mediterranean Cruise Ports of Call

All of the Mediterranean cruise ports have something different to offer their visitors. Not all of the destinations are created equally, but all are chosen as ports of call for a reason. While frequent cruisers will have their favourites, here are but 10 of the best ports of call

Cruises From Athens

Top 10 Cruises From Athens

Athens Greece is the gateway to the Greek Islands as well as many other Mediterranean ports of call. Cruises from Athens can take you on breathtaking voyages in the Aegean Sea, The Mediterranean and the Black Sea and stop at many varied places along the way. Here are the top 10 cruises to take this year from Athens.

Cruises From Venice

Top 10 Cruises From Venice

Cruises from Venice offer the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea like no other. The city of Venice boasts a charm and history all its own which makes it a superb port for departure, arrival or just a stop on the itinerary. Here are just 10 of the best cruises offered from Venice.

Cruises From Rome

Top 10 Cruises From Rome

Rome is a fascinating city filled with history and relevance. Cruises from Rome can take you anywhere around the world, taking off from this extraordinary city for ports of call as far away as Sydney, Australia and Singapore, to name just two. Here are just 10 of the best cruises that depart Rome.

Malta Cruises

Malta Cruises – Which Cruise Ships Stop at Malta?

Malta is an island getaway that many cruise ships have on their itinerary. Malta cruises can either start or end there, as many cruise ships utilize the port. Located on the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between the mainland of Europe and North Africa, Malta can be easily accessed from many of the Mediterranean cruise ports.

Turkey Cruises

Turkey Cruises – 7 Best Places To Visit In Turkey!

Turkey is a large country that has been called the place where east meets west and it is just this mix of cultures and religions that make it an interesting place to visit. Turkey cruises can take you to this country for a stop that will allow you to see many different things. Here are the 7 best places to visit while in Turkey.

Santorini Cruises From Athens and Cyprus

Santorini cruises offer you beautiful destinations on less crowded, intimate ships that depart from various destinations and add Santorini to their itineraries. Athens, the gateway to the Aegean, is a beautiful port in a city rich in history.

Greek Islands Cruises

Greek Islands Cruises – Top 10 Places To Visit!

Greek Islands cruises allow you to see many different islands on one vacation, instead of picking just one or two when you fly. Because they number more than two hundred, picking which islands to visit can be a busy task. Luckily, there are small ships like the Blue Star Ferries that have itineraries that include a multitude of destinations.

Cruises From Barcelona

Cruises From Barcelona – Top 10 Picks By Seasoned Cruisers!

Cruises from Barcelona can take you to many different destinations in and around the Mediterranean, choosing which one to take may be a difficult decision as there are so many lines and so many itineraries to pick from. Here are the 10 Best cruises from Barcelona.