Cruises From Honolulu – Inter Island, To Mainland and Bora Bora!

Cruises From Honolulu

Cruises from Honolulu go to a multitude of destinations, whether it is Hawaii Island hopping you are interested in or a cruise to Australia, Fiji, Bora Bora, or even back to mainland North America. Because Honolulu is a port city, many cruise ships use it for a departure point as well as a port of call. With so many varied activities to be had on Oahu and around the islands, Honolulu gives visitors the best of both worlds; stay and play or head for your dream vacation, all from the same port.

If you want an inter-island experience, the Pride of America cruise Hawaii from Norwegian Cruise lines is a great choice. This roundtrip cruise from Honolulu takes you on a voyage to the other islands with stops in Kahului, Hilo, Kona and Kauai. This cruise allows you to see how the islands are different from each other and how they got to be known by their nicknames.

Cruises from Honolulu that go to Tahiti include the Princess offering in which 11nights are spent sailing to Kunai, Maui, Hilo and Bora Bora before you disembark in Papeete. If visiting Bora Bora has always been on your wish list, then the Royal Caribbean offering of 17 nights, Honolulu to Sydney may be worth a look. This cruise takes you to Papeete, Moorea, and Bora Bora, crosses the International Dateline, and goes to Wellington and Picton before ending in glorious Sydney.

Hawaii to mainland North America is a possibility with several cruise lines, including the Royal Caribbean offering that goes to Vancouver, B.C. This cruise from Honolulu offers stops in Nawiliwili, Lahaina, Kailua, Kona, Mount Kilauea, Hilo and Victoria, B.C. before heading ‘home’ to Vancouver.
Hawaii cruise vacations really do offer the consumer a lot of choices in itineraries and destinations. Travel ‘down under’ explore the many islands only having to unpack once, or head back to mainland North America, all with the beauty and peacefulness that comes when you choose cruising over other modes of transportation.

Many cruise lines offer cheap Hawaii cruises throughout the year, allowing you to see the beauty of the islands for a cheaper rate whether you are cruising to the islands or choose cruises from Honolulu for your next cruise vacation. Either way, the islands are waiting with their unique blend of customs, history and multi-ethnic heritage along with the gorgeous warm waters, and sandy beaches.