Cruises From Melbourne To Sydney, Perth and Brisbane

Cruises From Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Australia. Cruises from Melbourne offer a different port in a large city that is easily accessible to many. The Great Ocean Road, perhaps the most scenic Oceanside drive in the world, the Phillip Island penguins which is the only place on earth these little penguins live in the wild, The Twelve Apostles gracefully coming out of the sea, varied wildlife, rainforests, shipwreck sites, the chance to see whales in their natural habitat, golden beaches and mountains are all amazing things to do in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. All this on hand, not to mention the lovely harbour front that doubles as a port for cruise ships departing and arriving to this beautiful city in the state of Victoria.

Cruises from Melbourne can take you to many ports of call, and as one of the major Australian ports that are dotted along the coastline, getting to Hawaii, Fiji, Asia or many other destinations is easy from this large metro area. Travel to explore the wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef, cruise to Tahiti, or even travel to Antarctica, Melbourne is the gateway to the South for cruises to and from Australia.

Cruises from Melbourne can also take you to other ports of call in Australia itself. With cruises available to Sydney, Perth and Brisbane Australian cruises to these ports can show you a whole other side of Australia, perhaps some that you haven’t ventured to yet, and with multiple stops along the way you can take in historical, cultural and interesting places that are just waiting to be explored. Take your time on six-night cruises to Perth, or 2 night ones to Sydney that stay close to land while you enjoy the sights and amenities on board. Entertainment, dining and the cruising lifestyle is all yours to be had as you travel to other ports within the country, taking in the coastline that is pure Australia.

Cruises from Sydney Australia and from the lovely port of Melbourne can be incorporated into once in a lifetime vacations or simply be a fun way to travel between major cities in Australia. You can be more relaxed, see many more sights and marine life and get there refreshed when you plan cruises from Melbourne for your next vacation.