Cruises From Puerto Rico – Virgin Islands or Aruba?

Cruises From Puerto Rico

There are many options when it comes to cruising this season. One hard choice travelers are finding is which direction in the Caribbean they should venture out into. Leading destinations are cruises from Puerto Rico to sail either to the Virgin Islands or Aruba.

Depending on your location, flying to your port to meet your ship will need to be a consideration as it will add to your bottom line. However cruises from Puerto Rico for example will open you up to the availability to visit more exotic Caribbean islands, than if you leave from a mainland port. Additionally, leaving from Puerto Rico will give you the chance to tour and taste the flavors of the city. The PR as it is affectionately called is a colorful city with a heart that beats to a Latin drum. Take some time to explore Old San Juan and you’ll discover where old meets new. Riding down the coast will afford you the chance to dolphin and whale watch in Fajardo. Then there’s the Puerto Rican cuisine that has a flavorful Latin American soul infused within to create dishes like Spicy Pollo and Rice or Receta Ceviche.

In your search for the perfect Southern Caribbean cruises, you’ll learn that some of the cruises from Puerto Rico visit the following islands: Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, and Tortola in addition to both the Virgin Islands and Aruba. These islands are all special in their own unique way and you will have the opportunity to sample them all. The choice is left with the individual traveler in regards to which islands to pick for their vacation getaway.

Carnival generally promotes the best Caribbean cruise deals throughout the year and you can typically find a cruise to the Virgin Islands at a reasonable price when you book early. Shore excursions are an exciting way to get a feel for the islands and can be booked through your cruise line. The Virgin Islands offer sea treks, shark encounters, city highlight tours and scuba diving day trips. In addition, a Carnival Caribbean cruise sailing to Aruba will showcase a whole other side of the white sandy beaches and warm, breezy island life. In Aruba, you’ll be able to walk the quaint streets and shop for local handcrafts at the open markets or visit the Butterfly Farm or just hang out and take a swim at one of their pristine beaches.

Either way you go, cruises from Puerto Rico are a rewarding experience whether you select the Virgin Islands as part of your itinerary or Aruba—you’ll enjoy your vacation all the same.