Cruises From Quebec City – River and Sea!

Cruises From Quebec City

Cruises from Quebec City allow you to take advantage of both the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic Ocean so you get a taste for both ocean and river sailing at the same time. River sailing allows for you to see the coastline, watch whales and see the ever changing St. Lawrence while being out on the ocean allows you the salty air, the larger waves and the experience of being out ‘at sea’.

Quebec City is a known for its quaint charm and long history as well as its beautiful countryside and natural wonders. Because it is located on the water, the things to do in Quebec City encompass everything from whale watching tours to hot air balloon rides, to trips to Montmorency Falls to the Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre pilgrimage site. Of course, cruises from Quebec City are plentiful, with over 200 boat tours offered. Princess, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Holland America cruise lines all offer sailings from this beautiful city, with ports of call that include the Canadian Maritimes—Sydney, Charlottetown, Saint John, Halifax—and US ports that include Portland, Rhode Island, Boston and New York. Nova Scotia cruises are plentiful from these lines, with stops included in most to Halifax and Sydney, which offer gorgeous landscapes, coastal beauty and amazing sights.

Cruises to Quebec City allow the traveller to marvel at the city from the water, watch whales in the Gulf or take in a dinner cruise around the harbour. If you prefer a calm ride, then a riverboat is for you, while if you want an adrenaline rush, there are zodiacs, little boats with power to spare. With so much fun to be had on the water, it is no wonder that cruises from Quebec City are so plentiful. See the autumn colours along the eastern seaboard, the lovely sunsets at sea and Maritime inspired activities that are abundant in the Canadian east.

Canada cruise deals can be had from virtually every line, especially at off-peak times and booking early or waiting for the last minute can also see some savings. With so many lines starting cruises in Quebec City and so many smaller vessels available for any kind of boating experience you’d like, there is no place better to visit than La Belle Provence. Cruises from Quebec City can take you to destinations new, or ones that you’ve seen before but will see again from a whole other perspective. Come enjoy the Canadian east coast on your next cruise vacation.