Danube River Cruises – Top 10 Places To See!

Danube River Cruises

There are many Danube River cruises to choose from. The Danube River is the longest river running through Europe and has a history dating back to the Roman Empire. This was a major trade route that dates back to Medieval Times and today Danube River cruises is one of the most popular things to do in Europe. Here we have managed to find the top ten Danube River cruises.

1. Abbey at Melk – This is a 900 year old monastery that was designed in the Italian baroque architecture design. There is much to see while touring the abbey including medieval manuscripts. Many of the Danube River tours will include a tour through this abbey.

2. Vienna’s Opera House – Enjoy a beautiful, elegant and romantic evening at one of their shows including operas, classical concerts or a dinner and concert evening.

3. Regensburg – This is a town that has successfully kept its medieval design. The buildings of this city that has been lost in time date back to the Roman Empire.

4. St. Martin’s Cathedral – This is a beautiful gothic-style cathedral that was constructed in 1452 and was once a coronation church for kings and their consorts.

5. Bad Hall – This is a wonderful spa known for its saline-iodine waters which are still prescribed today for all types of complaints and ailments. While enjoying one of the European river cruise destinations, be sure to stop here and get a little pampering.

6. Prague Castles – No trip to Europe is complete without a visit to at least one of their famous castle. Prague Castles is a complex of castles running through town.

7. Alter Dom – This is located in Linz, Austria and was constructed by Jesuits in 1669. Take a tour through this magnificent building overflowing with marble statues. Many of the European cruise lines will offer a stop and shore excursion to this magnificent piece of architecture history.

8. Village of Szentendre – This is an amazing artists village where visitors can enjoy a multimedia presentation as well as the Caprice Hungarian Jewelry Center.

9. Electronica Museum – This is located in Linz, Austria and is a futuristic museum depicting modern technological gadgets.

10. Burg Kreuzenstein – This is an amazing castle located in Korneuburg, Germany. Take a tour through this castle and you will feel as if you are stepping into a fairy tale.

There are many cruise lines such as Uniworld River cruises as well as Tauck River cruises that will include these excursions in the price of your fare, making it easier to navigate to these magnificent places. From the attractions listed here it is obvious that when enjoying one of the many Danube River cruises, you are sure to find wonderful and exciting things to do no matter which port you stop at.