Disney Alaska Cruise 2012 – What Is Different?

Disney Alaska Cruise

Disney is relatively new to the whole Alaska cruising business. For 2012, they have changed a few things to make these their Disney Alaska cruise much more enjoyable to their guests. They will also make sure that your Disney cruise to Alaska is a vacation that the entire family will never forget. Disney has become one of the most popular cruise lines when it comes to planning for a family cruise. This is mostly due to the fact that they are geared for families with young children. When traveling it can be difficult with young children. Disney will see to it that the parents and the children will have the time of their life.

One of the things that Disney is doing is offering more Alaska cruises for 2012. They are also visiting more ports as well as working directly with Alaska tour operators to produce wonderful port adventures for their guests. Disney offers many Alaska cruise deals as well as excursion packages such as 3-port packages for adventure seekers as well as 3-port packages for families. If so inclined, they also offer a dog musher for a day adventure.

When compared to a Carnival cruise to Alaska, a Disney Alaska cruise may be a little more expensive, but the extra money is well worth it. The best thing to do is plan your Disney Alaska cruise in advance so that you are sure to get the very best Alaska cruise deals.

When planning for your fun-filled Disney Alaska cruise, there are also some basic Alaska cruise tips that you may want to consider. Some of these are to bring sunblock as the sun can be brutal on your skin as a sunburn may ruin your entire trip. Wear hiking boots or other sturdy shoes as you will probably do a lot of walking over uneven terrain. Also, you will want to bring a heavy sweater and a jacket as Alaska is known for its cool temperatures and damp climate.