East Africa Cruises – Which Itinerary To Choose?

East Africa Cruises

East Africa is the place to go if you are looking for a traditional African safari adventure as it is home to the most wildlife in the country. East Africa cruises can get you to the center of the action, whether you take a larger cruise ship and dock at the ports at Kenya or Tanzania or you choose the smaller river cruises that offer you a combination of water and land safari experiences. Which itinerary to choose will largely depend on what you hope to see on your trip. If you want to get up close and personal with the wildlife and jungle of Africa, then AMA Waterways East African tours may be the perfect fit. Their 16-19 day cruises includes land tours, airfare, guided tours to attractions and of course the trip of a lifetime on the great rivers of Africa, where you can see hippo, crocodile and many species of birds, all while on a small river boat that only accommodates 28 passengers at a time.

If more luxurious cruising is on the agenda, there are several companies that incorporate East Africa cruises into their itineraries. In 2013, Oceana Cruise Lines offers a 30-night cruise that departs from Cape Town and travels around to east Africa, stopping at many ports of call including Zanzibar and carrying on towards Singapore where it ultimately docks. These Indian Ocean cruises take you to multiple countries where you can take in many cultures on one vacation. Silversea also offers East Africa cruises that have differing itineraries depending on which cruise you choose.

Cruises to Africa can originate from many different ports and are included in many cruise itineraries, including short week long excursions or the larger month plus trips. In East Africa the only ports accessible to the cruise ships are the ports at Kenya or Tanzania, which serve as the gateways to the spectacular safaris to be had once you disembark.

Africa is a diverse nation with many different animals in the wild that you just can’t find anywhere else. East African cruises can bring you to the best place in the world to explore these creatures, whether you take a water or land safari to do so. Intimate and personal or as part of a bigger adventure, these cruises have something for everyone. Incorporate West Africa cruises and you have the chance to see more of what this great country has to offer.