European River Cruises – What Countries Are On The List?

European River Cruises

Northern Europe is a beautiful area of the world. If you are planning on one of the famous river cruises, you will be enchanted by the panoramic views surrounding you as you cruise down the rivers.

If you are planning one of the European River cruises, you will find that you will have your choice of many cruises that travel through the many rivers that surround Europe. Many of these will be available through Viking River Cruises. This cruise line is one of the most popular offering wonderful European River cruises.

If you are planning one of the Volga River Cruises you will be able to enjoy the picturesque views of Valdai Hills which are located SW of Rybinski Reservoir which flows into the Caspian Sea. This is a majestic river located in Russia and is a great way to enjoy the European River cruises.

In addition to the Volga River, there are many Danube River cruises to choose from. These are offered by many of the cruise lines such as Tauck River Cruises and Uniworld River Cruises to name a couple. Guests of this cruise line will be able to enjoy the history, culture and magnificent views of these cruises. Many of the cruise lines include many shore excursions which are mostly included in their fare. Some of these excursions will include the countries of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania to name just a few.

Another great choice for your European River cruises vacation is the Rhine River Cruises. Many of the cruise lines will also include several amenities such as meals, beverages and shore excursions. Countries that sit on the Rhine River are Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany and the Netherlands as well as a small part of Belgium.

It is obvious that while on one of the European River cruises, visitors are able to visit several countries where they are able to get a first-hand glimpse of the history and culture of the people of these countries such as Russia, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Many of these cruise lines will offer great European cruise deals which may include discounts, upgrades and coupons.