Lake Victoria Cruises – Cool African Safari on Water!

Lake Victoria Cruises

Lake Victoria is situated in Uganda in Tanzania, Africa, and reaches into Kenya. It is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, the largest such lake in all of Africa. Lake Victoria cruises take you on a fascinating trip in and around this lake with stops at the many islands that call it home. For a cool African safari cruise, Lake Victoria is the place to be, especially if you like birding or primates, as the area is rife with multitudes of species of both. Lake Victoria itself has over two hundred species of fish which make it a marvelous spot for fishing. Lake Victoria cruises can take you to the island of Ngamba which is home to the Jane Goodall Institute for rehabilitating gorillas who have been orphaned. There you can take a gorilla safari, if you will, seeing these beautiful primates up close and in the wild in their protected environment.

One of the best things to do in Tanzania is to take full advantage of the expansive coastline and opportunities that can be had right on the shores of this incredible lake. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder that Lake Victoria has such a large percentage of the population residing within 80km of her banks.

If birds are what you go to Africa to see, then Lake Victoria cruises will not disappoint. Several islands offer birding tours which allow you to see a multitude of different birds native to the area. These birding safaris take you off the boat and into the islands where you get the best perspective of how these birds live out in the wild. There is also the Mabamba Swamp, Bwindi and the Lake Mburo National Park where birds are plentiful.

An interesting Lake Victoria fact is that one of the islands situated in it, Rubondo Island is the only island in all of Africa with a dedicated National Park on it. Here you can see butterflies, birds, and many different species of primates as well as interesting flora and jungle flowers.

Lake Victoria cruises are one of the most interesting of the East Africa cruises that you can partake in. Its varied coastline and the fact that it is an enormous expanse of water attributes to its popularity with tourists and locals alike.