Madagascar Cruises From South Africa

Madagascar Cruises

Home of the lemur, the see-through chameleon and over 70 other species of plants and animals that are found nowhere else in the world; this is Madagascar. Located off of the southeastern coast of Africa, this island is the world’s fourth largest and unfortunately has had its fair share of unrest. Madagascar cruises bring you to this wilderness where you are free to explore the many wonders that make it so unique.

The things to do in Madagascar are as varied as the nation itself, from lemur tours to snorkelling with the sea turtles or looking around Fort Dauphin, taking in the culture and the history of this island nation. Your Madagascar vacation can be part of your MSC cruise to the region, offered from Durban and allowing you six, seven or 12 nights at sea. MSC Cruise Lines offer a smaller more intimate cruise experience and allow you adventures at every port of call, while offering a unique blend of maritime tradition, culture and Mediterranean cuisine while on board.

Madagascar cruises can also be had from Oceania Cruise Lines, where the island is a stop on their 30, 47 or 64-night cruises departing from South Africa and arriving in Singapore, Hong Kong or Beijing, China, depending on which itinerary you choose. Oceania’s ships typically hold less than 700 passengers for each sailing meaning they can get to destinations the mega ships cannot and while aboard you can enjoy a small ship atmosphere that is full of special touches and that more personal feel.

Indian Ocean cruises encompass a lot of territory in a short time, with many stops at various islands and countries along the way. Africa in general is not somewhere where cruise lines have long been travelling to. This means that a vacation there will be less crowded and one of more exploration rather than having everything waiting and ready for you when you disembark, like you find with the more popular cruise ship destinations. Madagascar cruises are more for the adventurous cruiser, one that enjoys finding the new and different activities and marvelling in the natural beauty that abounds.

While Madagascar cruises do exist, Mauritius cruises offer you a taste of a different kind of island, with some lines stopping at both as they journey to their destinations. If you have always wanted to see rugged beauty, untamed wilderness and the lemurs and other species that you can find nowhere else on earth, then a stop in Madagascar is for you.