Malta Cruises – Which Cruise Ships Stop at Malta?

Malta Cruises

Malta is an island getaway that many cruise ships have on their itinerary. Malta cruises can either start or end there, as many cruise ships utilize the port. Located on the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between the mainland of Europe and North Africa, Malta can be easily accessed from many of the Mediterranean cruise ports. Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Messina, Civitavecchia, Venice, Mallorca, Provence and many other ports offer cruises to Malta as part of their Western Mediterranean cruises.

Malta Cruises also use Malta’s port for destinations all across the Mediterranean, it’s location in the middle makes it a great port to depart from, disembark or just stop as a port of call. Malta is a 6 island archipelago of which only a few are populated. The two main islands make up the bulk of the population. There are lots of things to do in Malta as it is a cultural mecca with a rich and varied history. Museums, beaches, coves and caves make for interesting places to visit while water sports and exploration can also be had as you enjoy the warm weather and clear waters. You can rent a car or take the multitude of public transportation to get around the main island or take a ferry ride to one or two of the smaller islands to really see all that is Malta.

Celebrity Cruise Lines make Malta a stop, as do the MSC, Costa, Oceania and Seabourn Lines. Celebrity is known for its luxurious cruises with fine dining and spas on board. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate ship, the Italian Cruise lines may be for you. They offer all the perks of sailing rather than cruising, and smaller ships can get to places that the big guys can’t, offering you a more detailed itinerary. Malta cruises offer you the choice of the large or the smaller ships, each with their own distinctive styles and personalities, not to mention differing ports of call and onboard features.

Malta cruises will enrich your Mediterranean experiences, giving you lots of choice in your holiday and letting you see lots of places as you cruise or sail you way around the Mediterranean. Some ships will go further afield and take you on great adventures, or you can choose shorter cruises around the fabulous Mediterranean ports of call. Either way, making Malta a stop will be a great experience for all.