Royal Caribbean Jobs – Hot Positions, Pay Rates and Benefits

Royal Caribbean Jobs

Imagine yourself on a Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise; the sights, the sounds, the amazing ports of call, the phenomenal ship. Now imagine that not only did you not have to pay for this experience, but they’re paying you, as a staff member having just landed one of the coveted Royal Caribbean jobs.

Royal Caribbean cruise ships carry hundreds if not thousands of staff on each sailing to ensure that the guest’s needs are completely catered to in every way. As a floating city, jobs are available in many varied areas, from managers and chefs to housekeepers, youth service workers, lifeguards, wait staff and cruise directors to name just a few. Royal Caribbean jobs offer you the chance to see the world, to meet new people from all parts of the globe, advance your career and be a part of a team whose mission is to make the best vacation possible for the guests onboard.

Royal Caribbean jobs at sea offer excellent wages and benefits, and a slightly different schedule than you may be used to, but the benefits that come with the job and the opportunities that are offered can’t easily be matched on land. Accommodations, meals, a supplied uniform and free laundry and gym facilities are included, and when you get to a destination, you can disembark and enjoy the port of call. Wages are paid in US dollars twice a month, with a typical contract being four months onboard followed by a two month vacation time (although each contract is negotiated differently, depending on the position).

Of course, being at sea for months at a time means that you are not in contact with your friends and family, and at the end of a shift, you can’t simply go home like you can with a land-based job. As it is expensive to call home from a ship, and internet cafes will charge you per minute for internet usage, it may be a lonely time for those people that are not fast to make friends, but as Royal Caribbean has 22 ships and thousands of employees, this feeling surely won’t last too long!

Although you may be assigned to a certain ship for your first contract, you can be switched to a different ship as the company sees fit. Perhaps you will be a part of the staff on Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, the Allure of the Seas, or perhaps you will be part of a

  • With a Royal Caribbean Alaska cruise, but whatever the ship, there will always be something new to explore and opportunities that abound when you take one of the many Royal Caribbean jobs that are available today.