Santorini Cruises From Athens and Cyprus

Santorini cruises offer you beautiful destinations on less crowded, intimate ships that depart from various destinations and add Santorini to their itineraries. Athens, the gateway to the Aegean, is a beautiful port in a city rich in history. Start your trip in the azure waters aboard a clipper ship, a tall ship with sails, that can navigate around the many Greek Islands with ease all while you enjoy the casual elegance of such a sailing. With so many things to do in Santorini, including some of the best sunsets in the world, the volcanic views and many sights to see, it isn’t any wonder many lines choose this island for a port of call.

Greek Islands cruises offer something for everyone as the many islands have their own personality and appeal. Some are known for their nightlife, some for their natural beauty and some for their quaint village feel. Santorini cruises offer you the chance to admire all of what the islands have to offer from the quiet sailing of your ship. Blue Star ferries have itineraries that include Santorini as well as many other islands allowing you to visit as many or as few as you desire.

Santorini cruises from Athens or Cyprus allow you to view some of the most amazing sights in the world as you cruise the Aegean. Beautiful whitewashed buildings with blue roofs that match the sea makes for a striking look that is world renowned. Rocky, flat, large and small, the Greek Islands make for a wonderful vacation as there is always something different to see.

Other ports of call on Eastern Mediterranean cruises can be Turkey, Croatia, Italy, and Cyprus, among others which will definitely give you a wide range of views and activities. Life on the boat is carefree and casual, not given to the pretensions sometimes associated with cruising letting you do what you wish while soaking up the rays.

Santorini cruises allow you to relax on an intimate ship that can get you closer to the action than a mega ship can, allowing you to stroll on teak decks, rest in hammocks over the ocean, help with the sails if you so desire or just enjoy the scenery going by. By tall ship or ferry, cruising the Greek Islands is a lovely way to spend your vacation.