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Prince Edward Island Cruises

Prince Edward Island Cruises – Which Cruises Stop At This Port?

Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada and located on the east coast as part of the Maritimes. Prince Edward Island cruises as part of an Eastern Seaboard or Maritimes cruise are offered by many different lines. Charlottetown, the capital is also home to the port where the cruise ships dock, allowing you time to explore the charm and grace of Canada’s birthplace.

Cruises From Quebec City

Cruises From Quebec City – River and Sea!

Cruises from Quebec City allow you to take advantage of both the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic Ocean so you get a taste for both ocean and river sailing at the same time. River sailing allows for you to see the coastline, watch whales and see the ever changing St. Lawrence while being out on the ocean allows you the salty air, the larger waves and the experience of being out ‘at sea’.

St Lawrence River Cruises

St Lawrence River Cruises – Kingston, Montreal or Quebec City?

The magnificent St. Lawrence River flows east 1200km along the shores of parts of both Ontario and Quebec in Canada. Fed by the Great Lakes and flowing towards the Atlantic Ocean, this river boasts the largest and deepest estuary in the world and further on a gulf where fresh and saltwater meet, making it a unique place for marine life, not to mention St.