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Fort Lauderdale Cruise Terminal

Fort Lauderdale Cruise Terminal Review: Parking, Shuttles, Hotels

Fort Lauderdale cruise terminal is also known as Port Everglades and being one of the busiest ports in the state, it sees over 3 million people each year on their way to and from their cruises onboard some of the biggest names in the industry.

Fort Lauderdale Cruises

Top 10 Fort Lauderdale Cruises

Fort Lauderdale cruises can take you anywhere you want to go, and because so many lines use the port, itineraries are as varied as your tastes. Pick from transatlantic, trips to the Caribbean, trips through the Panama Canal or trips to the Canadian Maritimes, all from the convenience of the Ft. Lauderdale cruise port.

Aruba Vacation Deals

Top 5 Aruba Vacation Deals For Senior Cruise Travelers

Aruba is a beautiful island deep in the Southern Caribbean that boasts tranquil waters, glorious beaches and wonderful trade winds. Aruba vacation deals for those over age 55 are offered by various carriers, so you can take full advantage of a Caribbean cruise for less. Here are the best 5 deals that make Aruba a port of call.

Cruises To Bonaire

Cruises To Bonaire and Curacao Review

Bonaire and Curacao are part of the ABC islands nestled in the Southern Caribbean. The A being for Aruba. As these three islands are so close, you would think that cruise ships would automatically have both on any itinerary, but this is not the case. Cruises to Bonaire are not that plentiful, with only a handful of ships choosing it as a port of call.

Cruises To Barbados From Florida

Cruises To Barbados From Florida – Which One To Choose?

There are endless options for cruises to Barbados from Florida ports. Barbados the easternmost island is situated in the Lesser Antilles. This island has deep rooted culture and best known for its Calypso style of music. Every major cruise line has this gem of an island on a least one of its Caribbean sailing itineraries.

Best Caribbean Cruises

7 Best Caribbean Cruises For Families

There are many fun and exciting Caribbean cruises that are available to meet just about any budget. Whether you are enjoying one of the cruises to Aruba from Florida or any of the other wonderful cruises, you are sure to have an amazing time. While researching for the best Caribbean cruises, you will find many choices such as Royal Caribbean

Cruises To Aruba From Florida

Cruises To Aruba From Florida – Which Cruise Line To Choose?

Once you have decided that you will set on one of the many Caribbean cruises for your vacation, you will find that there are many wonderful cruises to Aruba to Florida to choose from. You will find that most of the cruise lines will offer competitive rates in the hopes of garnering your business and offering you the best Caribbean cruises possible.

Cruise To Jamaica From Florida

Cruise To Jamaica From Florida – Secrets To Get Better Deals!

When you are planning to cruise to Jamaica from Florida, there are several things that you can do in order to get the best deals. This is also true for cruises to Aruba from Florida. If you are a Florida resident, you already have an advantage as Jamaica really isn’t all that far from the coast of Florida.