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Cruises To Israel

Cruises To Israel and Egypt – Which One To Choose?

Many cruise lines offer cruises to Israel and Egypt, usually paired with other ports of call and collectively called a Holy Land cruise. From the wonders of Ancient Egypt and its many mysteries to the Holy places like Israel and Jerusalem, cruises to this part of the world are attractive to many tourists.

Turkey Cruises

Turkey Cruises – 7 Best Places To Visit In Turkey!

Turkey is a large country that has been called the place where east meets west and it is just this mix of cultures and religions that make it an interesting place to visit. Turkey cruises can take you to this country for a stop that will allow you to see many different things. Here are the 7 best places to visit while in Turkey.

Santorini Cruises From Athens and Cyprus

Santorini cruises offer you beautiful destinations on less crowded, intimate ships that depart from various destinations and add Santorini to their itineraries. Athens, the gateway to the Aegean, is a beautiful port in a city rich in history.

Best Mediterranean Cruises

7 Best Mediterranean Cruises For Couples

When planning a romantic getaway, taking one of the Mediterranean cruises that are available is one of the best ways to do this. If you want a romantic cruise just for two, you probably will want to forgo the Disney Mediterranean cruise. Disney is mostly geared towards children and family which is great, but not what you want when planning a cruise for two.

Italian Cruises

5 Best Italian Cruises To Consider!

When planning one of the Italian cruises that are available, there are many amazing and wonderful Italian cruise lines that are available that will offer wonderful amenities and excursions so that you may get the best out of your vacation. Here, we have a list of the five best Italian cruises to consider.

1. 7 Night Adriatic Sea Coastal Cruise by Royal Caribbean International

Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Top 10 Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

One of the best ways to visit the Mediterranean is to enjoy one of the many wonderful and exciting eastern Mediterranean cruises that are available from the many cruise lines. There are many wonderful places to see while enjoying one of the eastern Mediterranean cruises. Among these exotic ports of call are Italy, Greece, Egypt and Turkey to name just a few.