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Holland America Ryndam

Holland America Ryndam Review

Not unlike her sister ships in the Holland America line of cruise ships, the Holland America Ryndam offers passengers sophisticated cruising to many varied destinations. Her onboard amenities offer you activities that inspire and sooth the senses, while her Dutch Worldwide Exploration theme is teeming with art and artifacts from the 17th

Holland America Noordam

Holland America Noordam Review

From the breathtaking whitewashed buildings set against an azure sky on Greek Islands cruises to the spectacular, soaring glass and brass atrium on board Holland America Noordam, your vacation is a thrill for the senses. Jazz trios, string quartets, and disco create diverse listening opportunities as you travel around onboard

Cruises To Bonaire

Cruises To Bonaire and Curacao Review

Bonaire and Curacao are part of the ABC islands nestled in the Southern Caribbean. The A being for Aruba. As these three islands are so close, you would think that cruise ships would automatically have both on any itinerary, but this is not the case. Cruises to Bonaire are not that plentiful, with only a handful of ships choosing it as a port of call.

Cartagena Shore Excursions

5 Best Cartagena Shore Excursions – What To Do in Cartagena!

Cartagena shore excursions run the gamut from the unusual to the usual. Here are the best 5:

1. How about an organic mud bath to cleanse your body and mind? In Cartagena, you can do just that, at the Volcano Totumo where you can soak in mud so thick you get a weightless feeling surrounded by the 100% organic and natural stuff.

Cruises To St Lucia

Cruises To St Lucia Island – Top 5 Picks!

St. Lucia is a lovely island located in the Southern Caribbean, nestled between St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Martinique in the Lesser Antilles. Cruises to St. Lucia will also visit many other tropical paradises, all part of the best Caribbean cruises to be had today. Here are the 5 top picks of itineraries that include St. Lucia.

Cruises From San Juan

7 Best Cruises From San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cruises from San Juan, Puerto Rico can take you to amazing ports of call. Explore the eastern and southern Caribbean in style aboard the many cruises that depart from San Juan throughout the year. Here are the 7 best cruises from Puerto Rico.

Things To Do In Barbados

Top 10 Things To Do In Barbados

Winter is finally over and spring has arrived, so setting your summer travel schedule should be next on your to-do-list. How about the Caribbean Island of Barbados? Cruises to Barbados from Florida are hot travel trends this season. Okay sure, while you call your travel agent…I’ll wait.
Alright, now you’re all set and ready to begin planning this quick summer getaway.

Cruises From Puerto Rico

Cruises From Puerto Rico – Virgin Islands or Aruba?

There are many options when it comes to cruising this season. One hard choice travelers are finding is which direction in the Caribbean they should venture out into. Leading destinations are cruises from Puerto Rico to sail either to the Virgin Islands or Aruba.

Depending on your location, flying to your port to meet your ship will need

Cheap Cruises To The Caribbean

Top 10 Cheap Cruises To The Caribbean

There’s just something about the Caribbean that makes you want to get there as fast as you can and never leave. The warm crystal blue water, the white sandy beaches and the sound of the Caribbean rhythm draws you in hook, line and sinker. Cruising is the best way to get a small taste of the different islands that make up the Caribbean. If you want great Caribbean cruise deals, take a look at this list of top 10 cheap Caribbean cruises:

Cruises To Aruba From Florida

Cruises To Aruba From Florida – Which Cruise Line To Choose?

Once you have decided that you will set on one of the many Caribbean cruises for your vacation, you will find that there are many wonderful cruises to Aruba to Florida to choose from. You will find that most of the cruise lines will offer competitive rates in the hopes of garnering your business and offering you the best Caribbean cruises possible.