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Holland America Ryndam

Holland America Ryndam Review

Not unlike her sister ships in the Holland America line of cruise ships, the Holland America Ryndam offers passengers sophisticated cruising to many varied destinations. Her onboard amenities offer you activities that inspire and sooth the senses, while her Dutch Worldwide Exploration theme is teeming with art and artifacts from the 17th

Norwegian Cruise Line Spirit

Norwegian Cruise Line Spirit Review

Norwegian Cruise Line Spirit is not the newest or largest of their fleet, but you’d never know it by looking at her. With her Asian inspired décor, glass elevators in the atrium, phenomenal views of the sea from her main dining room and 11 restaurants, 8 bars and diverse nightlife, the Spirit is yet another jewel in the Norwegian crown.

Malta Cruises

Malta Cruises – Which Cruise Ships Stop at Malta?

Malta is an island getaway that many cruise ships have on their itinerary. Malta cruises can either start or end there, as many cruise ships utilize the port. Located on the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between the mainland of Europe and North Africa, Malta can be easily accessed from many of the Mediterranean cruise ports.

Western Mediterranean Cruises

Top 10 Western Mediterranean Cruises 2012

When planning one of the many Western Mediterranean cruises, there are many wonderful places and cruise lines to choose from that will make your trip exciting and memorable. Whether you are looking forward to visiting Ajaccio Corsica, the birthplace of Napoleon or the Coliseum in Rome, there is much history and culture to explore.

Best Mediterranean Cruises

7 Best Mediterranean Cruises For Couples

When planning a romantic getaway, taking one of the Mediterranean cruises that are available is one of the best ways to do this. If you want a romantic cruise just for two, you probably will want to forgo the Disney Mediterranean cruise. Disney is mostly geared towards children and family which is great, but not what you want when planning a cruise for two.

Italian Cruises

5 Best Italian Cruises To Consider!

When planning one of the Italian cruises that are available, there are many amazing and wonderful Italian cruise lines that are available that will offer wonderful amenities and excursions so that you may get the best out of your vacation. Here, we have a list of the five best Italian cruises to consider.

1. 7 Night Adriatic Sea Coastal Cruise by Royal Caribbean International

Things To Do In Barcelona

Top 10 Things To Do In Barcelona

When planning one of the many Mediterranean cruises that are available, you will most likely be making a stop in Barcelona. If you are given enough time before re-boarding, there are many things to do in Barcelona, Spain. If you choose to fly into Barcelona, there are also many wonderful cruises from Barcelona.