Top 10 China Cruises – River and Sea Cruises!

China Cruises

China is a beautiful and amazing country filled with culture and history. When visiting there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. China is the largest country in Asia and third largest in the world with no shortage of fun things to do and exciting nightlife. One of the best ways to enjoy China is to travel on one of the many fun and exciting China cruises. Some of the best cruises offered are to cruise from Hong Kong. Here, we have a list of the top ten China cruises.

1. Classic China – Enjoy the many wonderful sights of Beijing, the Forbidden city as well as the ancient town of Wuzhen where visitors can enjoy a first-hand look at Chinese culture.

2. China’s cultural Delights – this is one of the best cruises from Shanghai and visit the bustling port of Mt. Jiuhua and sail across Dongting Lake.

3. Heart of China – Cruise along the River Yangtze from Chongqing to Yichang and visit the Forbidden City as well as the Imperial City.

4. Grand Asia and The Mekong – Cruise along Mekong river past quaint farms and villages where tourists can visit the “Killing Fields”.

5. China Explorer – Cruise from Beijing to Shanghai and enjoy the lovely ports of Xian and Lyang.

6. Wonders of China – Enjoy one of the best China cruises as you cruise along the Grand Yangtze from Shanghai to Beijing.

7. Cultural China and Tibet – Enjoy a four night cruise from Yichang to Chongqing and visit the Bund, Yu Huang Gardens as well as the Children’s Palace and the many Shanghai museums. This is one of the best China cruises for the entire family.

8. Roof of the World – Marvel at the magnificent sights during this cruise from Shanghai to Beijing where visitors will enjoy the sights of Xian, and the Yangtze River.

9. The Yangtze River – This is one of the best China river cruises as visitors cruise along the Yangtze River from Hong Kong to Beijing.

10. Best of China – Visitors may check out the Jade Factory as well as an amazing Chinese Opera performance while enjoying the many sights that china has to offer.

Whichever of these wonderful Asian cruises you choose, you are sure to enjoy the many interesting and fun activities to be found in China.