Top 10 Interesting Galapagos Islands Facts

Galapagos Islands Facts

A Galapagos Island vacation can be an adventure of a lifetime. To cover all the highlights of this magnificent area, traveling on Galapagos cruises is the best way to navigate through the 13 major islands and smaller islets. When you begin planning your trip, it may help to know a few interesting Galapagos Island facts before you go. Did you know that the Galapagos Islands are located 600 miles off the crystal coast line of Ecuador? And did you know that they were discovered in 1535–by accident? Spanish Bishop Tomas de Berlanga was headed to Peru when his ship met with bad weather and was swept 800km off course by the currents.

Just to broaden your horizons, here’s a list of top ten interesting Galapagos Islands facts:

1. There are about 60 islands that make up the Galapagos Islands. While there are 13 major islands, the others remain inhabited. Many of these islands can be visited when taking your Galapagos Islands cruise. Naturalist will be aboard to give you more Galapagos Island facts and expand your outlook on why this sensitive ecosystem is so important.

2. Lonesome George—a giant Pinta tortoise, is one of the rarest animals in the world. George is around 90 years old and currently lives at the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz.

3. In 1959 the Ecuadorian government, who owns the Galapagos Island declared all inhabited areas of the island to be a national park for the protection of the precious islands, wildlife and natural resources. All visitors to the islands on the Galapagos cruise ships are charged an admission fee of $100 U.S. dollars.

4. By 1978, others in the world where starting to take notice of the Galapagos Islands and all the beauty it bestows. UNESCO declared the Galapagos Islands as its first World Heritage Site. The UNESCO committee is dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s greatest landmarks.

5. Nowhere else on Earth besides the Galapagos Islands does a marine iguana have the capability to swim in the ocean. This occurred with the evolution of wildlife that Charles Darwin observed and based his Theory of Evolution on.

6. Would you guess that the Galapagos Islands are estimated to be 3 to 10 million years old? Scientists are able to date back from volcanic activities and lava chambers to pin point an approximation of the islands age.

7. Get ready to set sail on a Galapagos Island trip any time of year. The average temperature is nearly 80 degrees year round.

8. Of the four habited islands of the Galapagos, nearly 30,000 people call this region of the world their home.

9. The Galapagos Islands have had several names over the centuries, but its official name is Archipelago de Colon and its municipal capital which is located on San Cristobal is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

10. The early activities of humans severely damaged the marine and wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. It is up to us and future generations to save this area and its indigenous wildlife.

There is a great deal more of interesting Galapagos Island facts, but I think it’s time for you to pack your bags, book your cruise and go out and discover your own interesting facts about the Galapagos Islands.