Top 10 Things to Do in Banana Coast Cruise Port

Banana Coast Cruise Port

Banana Coast cruise port only recently came into existence, with the area being devoted largely to exportation of commodities like bananas until major cruise lines saw an opportunity for their guests to enjoy the people and the environment here while aboard Western Caribbean cruises. As a result, the availability of things to do in Banana Coast is slowly changing and expanding as cruise lines’ offerings become more diverse and abundant. However, guests here will still need to rely on excursions available though their ships in order to get out and explore Trujillo and the surrounding jungles.

There is incredible biodiversity here as well as an abundance of history and local culture, so there is something to do in Trujillo for just about everyone. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure, planning on getting a taste of some of the best beach vacations in the world or looking to learn a thing or two, offerings from the Banana Coast cruise port have something just for you. We compiled a list of the ten best activities to consider during your time in this part of Honduras to make sure that you do not miss a thing that this newly available destination has to offer.

1. Taste of Trujillo Tour: No doubt that one of the biggest perks to Western Caribbean cruises is the opportunity to sample some world class foods prepared with love by locals, and the Taste of Trujillo tour takes the experience to a whole new level. Guests on this tour get to sample Caribbean cuisine in its prime with local wines, chocolates and bitters all prepared traditionally. The tour also encompasses some of the area’s history regarding its sometimes controversial exports and even dabbles into the traditions of the Mayan peoples. During this tasty tour learning and eating go hand in hand.

2. Horseback Riding Adventure: There may be no better way to explore a lush jungle than saddled up on a horse, and the Horseback Riding Adventure offered here takes guests over some of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Traversing through delicate streams and over and around unspoiled quartz hills while en route to lagoons and waterfalls makes these rides both thrilling and scenic journeys.

3. Tour Trujillo: First timers will not want to miss a chance to tour the historic town of Trujillo, the coastal city comprising the Banana Coast cruise port. Whether you desire a slow paced stroll through the town or prefer the open air adventure afforded by a kitschy trolley, there are numerous ways to learn more about the town that marks one of Christopher Columbus’ landings. An old fort and tales of daring escapes round out the journey that is accentuated by tropical scenery and a pleasant ocean breeze. The brightly colored buildings and colorful characters met along the way are the icing on the cake.

4. VIP Tour of Copan Ruins: If you want a once in a lifetime experience, then taking a VIP tour of the stunning Copan ruins must be on your to do list. This aerial journey takes guests high above the once great civilization for a bird’s eye view of the well preserved ruins below. These excursions are not among cheap options for offer at the Banana Coast Cruise port, but they are likely the most rewarding.

5. Nature Park: Natural and beautiful surroundings are what brings many people aboard cruises to Honduras, and the Campo Del Mar Nature Park is a twenty two acre environment where guests can experience the abundance of plant and wildlife found in the area. Visitors can choose between two different types of walking tours that vary in length, which a shorter three hour tour being ideal for travelers ready to devote just half a day and a longer five hour tour available for those really wanting to see all that the nature park has to offer.

6. ATV Riding: Adventure seekers need not worry that there is not enough to get their adrenaline pumping in Honduras. The banana coast provides the terrain and the tropical vibe needed to make for a great location for a wide variety of thrilling activities including hopping aboard an ATV for a jungle adventure. These excursions are ideal for those wanting to take advantage of all the things to do in banana Coast including exploring the jungle, whisking past beaches and spotting a waterfall or two. The tour ends with a tasty barbecue beachside, a welcome treat for those that have worked up an appetite.

7. Breaks at the Beach: Believe it or not, the fact that the Banana Coast cruise port is very much in its infancy means that in order to soak up some sun, you will need to book a cruise line excursion to do so. It is well worth it though because the Campo Del Mar beach is situated about half an hour from the Banana Coast cruise port, and a bus is the best option to get there with other travelers. The beach is immense and private and visitors can enjoy attractions like the water trampoline and beach volleyball. A complimentary buffet is included in the trip, so a quick bite of some tropical delights is also in the cards.

8. Waterfall Tours: Although the terrain in Honduras, boasting multiple mountains and handfuls of hills, means that there are many waterfalls to visit, those at Betulia are particularly beautiful. Water cascades down from seared rock faces and lands in a cool lagoon below that is filled with curious freshwater shrimp. Guests are encouraged to snorkel here and try their hand at catching the shrimp and also explore the lagoon’s edges as well. The journey starts with a little jaunt through town and there are numerous streams to investigate along the way.

9. Lagoon Kayaking: Guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises will undoubtedly encounter numerous opportunities to don a life vest and kayak along the coastline. Here, just a ways away from the Banana Coast cruise port, visitors can weave in and around the wiry mangroves and encounter some of the areas wildlife on a thrilling yet slow paced watery adventure.

10. Snorkel with Starfish: Few creatures found in the sea are as well known as the starfish, and like the great Stingray City at Grand Cayman, The Banana Coast has its own collection of inhabitants. At starfish bank, visitors are encouraged to snorkel and see as well as touch and feel the slow moving marvels of nature, a sheer delight for those that want some underwater excitement of a less toothy variety. Following a short bus or taxi ride from the Banana Coast cruise port, guests can explore the Caso Blanco eco system from a breathtaking perspective.