Top 10 Things to Do in Belize Cruise Port

Belize City Cruise Port

Guests traveling on Western Caribbean cruises are now more likely than ever to find themselves stopping in the country of Belize. It is here that tropical environments blend with historical riches to make for a fascinating and beautiful retreat. There are many things to do in Belize from laid back family activities to high adrenaline jungle adventures. We have put together a list of the ten best to consider for ship passengers lucky enough to have a day at the pier here, and most of them are tours that are easily booked at the Belize cruise port or through a cruise line itself.

1. Check out Cucumber Beach: Visitors of all ages will enjoy Cucumber Beach, a man made beach accessible via booked excursions from the Belize cruise port. For a nominal daily entry fee, guests can enjoy the warm pool water, take a ride on the water slide and of course, enjoy some delicious food. There is also a rope swing found here for those adventurous enough to give it a whirl. Of course a gift shop is also on site for those who spend too much time lounging and swimming to have an opportunity to pick up souvenirs in town. Although Belize is home to some of the best beach vacations in the world, Cucumber beach combines the tropical atmosphere and warm waters off the coast with the food, drink and shopping that are not to be missed while ported here.

2. Visit the Museum of Belize: Thoughtful and knowledgeable guides share the history of the original Colonial settling of Belize with visitors to the museum while they point out interesting artifacts and valuable documents. The building itself that the museum is housed in boasts some history of its own, as it once served as the area’s prison. The tour takes guests on a journey through Belize’s development and even goes way back, briefly exploring the great Mayan civilization. This is one of the most inexpensive of all Belize Tours, with hour long walkthroughs costing a mere five dollars or so. For repeat visitors that are “jungled” and “ruined” out, it presents an excellent opportunity to leave the Belize Cruise port and perhaps learn a thing or two.

3. Be a Tourist at the Tourism Village: First time travelers who do not want to stray too far from the Belize cruise port may want to check out the Tourism Village. Well protected with security on site, it provides a one stop shop for eating, drinking and of course, shopping. The tourism village allows guests who do not want to book excursions or sightsee an opportunity to bring home something from the Country of Belize as well as sample some local cuisine, all while staying safe and secure near the busy cruise port. There are some caveats to shopping here however as some items are not authentic and made in China, so buyers should examine the items they wish to buy, especially if they are paying a premium for “local” souvenirs.

4. Bask on Bannister Island: Bannister Island is popular among cruise ship guests that are looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some fun in the sun. There are many activities here including snorkeling and kayaking as well as numerous water sports. Bannister Island is about half an hour away from the mainland providing all of the amenities that travelers could desire including eating and drinking options, restrooms and excursion opportunities. Guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises will have to plan accordingly to head to Bannister island, however as excursions here last full days. But, it is worth it for many to avoid the hustle and bustle of Belize city and spend a day in the warm ocean. Recent guests concur that the beach is abundantly beautiful here, although it does tend to harbor more shells than other local beaches.

5. Plan a Trip to the Zoo or a Sanctuary: There are many things to do in Belize that allow guests an opportunity to interact with the abundance of local wildlife that is found in the area. A large zoo welcomes guests young and old coming into the Belize Cruise port, but it is not the only option for checking out some exotic wildlife. Two Sanctuaries can be found just across the street from each other with the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary housing a wide diversity of animal life, and its neighbor the Baboon Sanctuary serving as home to a few dozen handfuls of the locally familiar howling monkeys. All of the fun fauna options found here are excellent choices, and guests can certainly spare enough time to fit in more than one.

6. Trek or Zip Through the Jungle: There are a few ways to escape the Belize cruise port and get knee deep in the dense forests of Belize (or, well above it). Jungle treks are very popular excursions and many of them lead guests to interesting natural features like waterfalls or rock formations. Conversely, seeing the jungle from above is the ultimate thrill ride for many guests, and zip lining jungle tours are available for the courageous traveler. Many of these tours are combined with other activities, so guests should prepare for an entire day of outdoor adventure.

7. Canvass Some Caves: The Mayan people believed that caves represented the underworld, and as a result, the hollow rock formations were the home of many historic rituals and ceremonies that were incredibly important to the Mayan people. Exploring these caves can be a breathtaking and fascinating experience, and there are multiple ways in which to do it. Guests can walk on terra firma through the jungle and pop in and out of caves or, take a wetter approach and hop aboard a tube on a lazy river ride and glide through them while learning from a knowledgeable guide.

8. Scuba, Snorkel and Swim with Sharks: For guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises, there are often few activities that compare to exploring the coastal seas, and there are many underwater options available to visitors to the area. Snorkeling is very popular here, and from corals to sea grasses, life below the waves in Belize is bright, colorful and magnificent. But, for a deeper adventure, dive sites like that at Belize Great Blue Hole or Hol Chan provide miles of stunningly vibrant ocean for scuba divers to enjoy. However, the true adventurer will use their time at the Belize cruise port to book the Shark Encounter and get up close and personal with nurse sharks and local rays. All are excellent choices, and Belize’s proximity to the second largest reef in the world make it ideal for guests who like to get wet.

9. Hang out on a Helicopter: Aerial Belize tours are quite popular with guests who want to see sites that are difficult to have time for on a mere one day stay in the area. Guests can check out the thousand foot falls, Lamanai, The Great Blue Hole, San Pedro and so much more, all from high above the ground in a speedy helicopter. There are no unsatisfied guests on these excursions and each tourist deboards taking away a once in a lifetime experience.

10. Make your Day Mayan: One of the most popular activities for those aboard a cruise to Belize is to spend some time exploring the Mayan Ruins that are found in the area. Altun Ha is one of the most well known locations located relatively close to the Belize cruise port, making it a feasible day journey for ship passengers. Altun Ha boasts stunning displays of carvings and sculpture as well as the remnants of once vital structures to the Mayan Civilization.