Top 10 Things to Do in Key West for Cruise Passengers

Things to Do in Key West

There are many things to do in Key West, but not all of them are well known to cruise ship passengers or booked excursions through cruise lines. Because Key West is part of the United States, many guests find that a lack of language barriers or unknown traffic laws make exploring the area a little easier than other destinations on the itineraries of Western Caribbean cruises. This can make the island an even more fun adventure, if you know what to do when you get there. We created a list of the top ten things to do during port time in Key West, and you might be surprised at some of the activities that tourists can’t get enough of.

1. Go Kiteboarding: If there is a place that is ideal to finally take the plunge and give kiteboarding a try, it is Key West. The tropical town is perfect for riding the waves in the air aboard a kiteboard. Guests daring enough for daring Key West Attractions like these are also treated to a few more attractions as well, such as private islands and some beach side grilling. The activity combines some of the very best things to do in Key West all in one exciting package. For those that are tired of conventional watersports like parasailing and jet skiing, kitesurfing can be a new adventure, and is available for seasoned pros as well as new beginners.

2. Watch the Dolphins: Dolphins are common sights for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises, however dolphin watching tours provide an even more intimate experience with the friendly water mammals, and small groups of guests situated comfortably aboard a steadily moving watercraft and marvel in delight as the cunning cetaceans glide gracefully at the sides of the boat. These eco tours explore the dolphin’s habitat, include educational information about local species and of course, spectacular views of the Key’s coastline and beyond.

3. Dine Locally: No guest to Key West should pass up an opportunity to snatch up some fresh and delicious Caribbean cuisine, fresh seafood, and local delights like conch fritters and world famous Key Lime pie, and there are numerous places in the area to do just that. From quaint cafes to health food establishments, there is truly something for every set of taste buds here. Exotic local fare like fried conch can be found at local restaurants and gourmet steakhouses sit alongside German eateries. It is truly a hodgepodge of culinary excitement, and worth exploring while ported here. Eating may be one of the most enjoyable things to do in Key West, and there are many opportunities for cruise ship guests to get their fill!

4. Snorkel at Key West Marine Reserve: Snorkeling is one of the most popular things to do in Key West, and it is no surprise given the warm and beautiful water not to mention the incredible wildlife diversity found here. The Key West Marine Reserve is particularly magnificent, and encompasses a great majority of the waters surrounding Key West. Coral reefs, lobster and a slew of brightly colored fish await guests who are ready for a snorkeling adventure, and those with the skills and certifications can take their adventures up a notch and scuba dive here as well. The entire area is vitally important to a great many number of ecosystems, and guests can also take advantage of opportunities like snorkeling with experienced guides to learn more about the environment and the living creatures that call the waters around the keys home.

5. Do Yoga on The Beach: Whether you are a health nut or just looking for an excuse to relax and unwind, staying healthy might be one of the most fun and relaxing things to do in Key West. Guests can hop into beginner or advanced classes with experienced instructors and set their minds and bodies at ease in one of the most relaxing places in all the world. The views are exotic, the breezes heavenly and the sensations guests experience following their classes have been described as amazing.

6. Watch the Sunset at Mallory Square: Watching a sunset may sound like a rather boring activity, but it is anything but boring in Key West. Mallory Square, the area’s boardwalk, so to speak, comes to an even more vibrant life as the sun is getting ready to set, and people come out in droves to celebrate another day’s end with adult libations in hand. The evening event is capped off with street performers, live music and a lively crowd of locals and tourists alike. There are many places to watch the sunset along the journey for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises. Unfortunately, few places compare to those at Mallory square where every now and then that glistening green flash made by the sun as it crests the horizon line comes into full view. Believe it or not, for many visitors to the area Mallory square sunsets are one of the most memorable moments from their trip and one of their favorite things to do in Key West.

7. Get in a Game of Golf: If you are looking to get in a full eighteen, Key West has the perfect opportunity at it is one and only golf course, the Key West Golf Club. Although it is the only one in the area, guests who come to get in some time on the fairway note that it is a beautiful and well maintained course that offers stunning views, challenging play and even an occasional wildlife sighting or two. Clubs are rentable for cruise ship passengers that did not bring them aboard their cruises to Key West, and the staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating.

8. Chalk an Afternoon up to Headstone Etchings: Although it may seem unusual, visiting the cemetery is actually a pretty popular item among things to do in Key West, and this is not because cruise ship passengers have taken a particular fancy to post mortem excursions. There are numerous sites worth visiting here, and it is so popular that the local travel guide publishes a map marking all the interesting spots worth checking out. Graves of local military heroes can be found, along with a monument to honor the crew of the U.S.S. Maine and local legends are also buried here that made contributions to medicine, conservation and the study of law. The cemetery also exhibits stunning examples of Victorian sculpture as well as a few oddities as well, such as the grave of “General” Abe Sawyer, a famous local midget who demanded burial in a full size grave.

9. Take a Pic at the Southernmost Point Sign: It may seem downright touristy, but there is no reason not to stop and snap a quick pic at the southernmost sign, one of the most popular things to do in Key West. It is not necessarily a sign per se, rather a large, cement monument that is painted brightly and loudly proclaims that it marks the most southern point in the continental United States. Guests can pose all around the sign and prove to their friends and family that they in fact reached the southernmost point, a mere ninety miles from the country of Cuba, an activity available nowhere else for guests aboard Western Caribbean cruises.

10. Take in a Stage Show: Entertainment is in great supply for guests on cruise ships, however that does not mean that the show has to stop once passengers reach terra firma. A hidden gem can be found among the many attractions available in Key West known as The Red Barn Theatre. Here, a wide assortment of different on stage productions take place regularly from cabaret performances, to musicals to theatrical plays. Guests lucky enough to be in port should take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy a beverage or two from the snack center, and enjoy a performance in the quaint theater. For those looking for different and unique things to do in Key West, a locally produced performance from gifted stage actors is a no brainer.